Veturis Travel

Company description: Veturis Travel is an online wholesaler. Their philosophy is based on building the synergy between people & technology. At Veturis Travel they believe, that people become better through technology and eventually impact a global business strategy. The company considers that the key is specialization and adding value, to allow their partners to identify each fortress to be able to compete in a very specific market niche based on technology solutions in distribution.
In 2019 Veturis Travel achieved:
+ 1.000.000 pax worldwide
+ 23.000 sold destinations all over the world
+ 700.000 reservations in 2019
+ 25.000 agencies joined
+ 90 countries in which they are present
Currently, Veturis Travel works with 180K hotels with 3rd parties and 2K hotels on direct contracts.
Veturis Travel about their product: ‘We offer the best accommodations as well as the best cruises, holiday packages, tours, and experiences by train and transfers. In addition, we offer our travel agencies a large selection of cultural and leisure activities that best suits each one of their clients, depending on the destination they have booked.’
Geographical focus: Iberia
Property focus: Hotels

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“We consider that the keys of our offer are specialization and added value. This allows our partners to identify each opportunity to be able to compete in a very specific market niche using distribution technology solutions. Our integration with YieldPlanet will allow us to connect with a wide number of hotels helping to synchronize their prices and promotions, avoiding issues such as overbooking and making sure we can always offer our clients the best conditions.”

Ana Caudevilla Laguia

Product Department, Veturis Travel