Price optimizer

Maximize revenue with the power of Channel Manager and RMS combined.

Can you imagine that hotel management takes 20 hours less per week and the property generates more revenue? And that you can manage the hotel not from 3 or 2, but from 1 dashboard only?


We Deliver Solutions to Hoteliers

Channel Manager

Single point of control for all your distribution channels, easily synchronized with your own PMS. Channel Manager offers revenue management functions which help hoteliers to make informed decisions to drive profits.

Revenue Management

Price Optimizer is our answer to your hotel’s Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management needs. Price Optimizer boosts RevPAR through effective, AI-powered, and fully automated Yield Management.

Price Control

Prices, availability, MLOS restrictions, over- & under-bookings and cancelation probability can be reviewed and if necessary manually changed from one screen. 


Intelligent forecasting algorithms provide you with daily updated insights into hotel’s future occupancy and revenue. The forecasting algorithms deliver you the insights you need by breaking the forecast down by your market segment.


Seamless integration with your software

price optimizer

Start Increasing Your Revenue

Save your time by automating the most repetitive tasks. This will allow you to focus on your hotel’s strategy. Optimize pricing using real-time data and pre-built strategies. 


More than 450 integrations

Together with our partners, YieldPlanet has created a strong web of cooperation to ensure you with high connectivity quality and dynamic flexibility in revenue and online distribution management.

We are integrated with nearly 500 channels to help you reach a global market. Our partners include OTAs, wholesalers, PMSs, RMSs, CRSs, GDSs and BEs. Large variety of connections will help you to make your daily work easier and more efficient, improve your property rankings and get positive guest reviews, increase profit and get more bookings.

"These tools help us in a simple way improving our occupancy throughout the entire year. But what I like most is the support from Christian and Sybille in Switzerland. They are simply great!"


"Great value for money, very intuitive to set up and use, covers all distribution needs but the most important is the support of the YieldPlanet Team – easy to contact, professional and reliable. Highly recommended."


For Hotels

Built For Hotels

At YieldPlanet, we understand the dynamic and competitive landscape of the hospitality industry. We are here to equip hoteliers with cutting-edge technology that streamlines operations, maximizes revenue potential, and drives sustainable growth. Our comprehensive channel manager hotel software, integrated with a powerful revenue management system, is designed to empower hoteliers like you to seize every revenue opportunity.

What you get

Virtual Rooms & Distribution Rules

Tailored Pricing Plans

World Class Support

Real-Time Dynamic Pricing

Updates & Fixes

CRS - Reservation Screen

Full Price Control

Fully Automated ARR Optimization

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By choosing YieldPlanet, you become part of a vibrant community of hoteliers dedicated to achieving revenue excellence. Network with industry professionals, share best practices and stay updated on the latest trends through our webinars, workshops, and conferences. Benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of like-minded hoteliers who are committed to driving revenue growth.