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More than 450 integrations

Together with our partners, YieldPlanet has created a strong web of cooperation to ensure you with high connectivity quality and dynamic flexibility in revenue and online distribution management.

We are integrated with nearly 500 channels to help you reach a global market. Our partners include OTAs, wholesalers, PMSs, RMSs, CRSs, GDSs and BEs. Large variety of connections will help you to make your daily work easier and more efficient, improve your property rankings and get positive guest reviews, increase profit and get more bookings.

Every Price Optimizer  Membership Includes

Channel Manager

Single point of control for all your distribution channels, easily synchronized with your own PMS. Channel Manager offers revenue management functions which help hoteliers to make informed decisions to drive profits.

Dynamic Pricing per room type

Price Optimizer updates prices and availability in near real-time – any change triggers​
a recalculation and re-distribution.

World Class Support

An in-depth training and configuration workshop is included for each subscription (1 Day Training), delivered electronically (Webex or similar) or in person.

PickUp Reporting, PickUp Alert

Receive detailed info about PickUps, Price Optimizer informs you about PickUp Changes.

Updates & Fixes

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Direct Reservations Module

Includes a reservation screen that enables front office staff to access current prices and make reservations for direct bookings.

Dedicated Key Account Manager

Coordination of integrations and implementation with all connected  suppliers​. Advisory on RM and distribution strategy​. Active help in the setup of both RMS and CHM.Professional training for the whole team​. Ongoing help in solving problems and adjusting the system.

Price Control

Optimizes your prices, availability, and restriction, as well as distributes them fully automated to all online and direct channels.

"We're very busy with our daily work, but the strategy is in the tool, and it just works. And it's great."

Executive Manager,
Barcelona Spain

"Price Optimizer RMS is a great tool that provides solid foundations for proper price control. It's fully automated, transparent, and, most importantly, entirely configurable."

Dobry Hotel Chain,



Skyrocket Your Revenue

Picture this – real-time dynamic pricing that adapts instantly to market shifts. Our software is your ticket to unlocking the full potential of your property's revenue.

Reclaim Your Time

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks. Our software automates revenue management strategies and distribution like never before.

Simplify Your Life

Complexity becomes simplicity with our all-in-one solution. With our integrated software, you'll streamline operations and make informed decisions effortlessly. It's not just a tool; it's your strategic partner for success.


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