1Day is a team of IT and Hospitality experts that came together to help small and medium hotels succeed through automation. 1Day comes from diverse backgrounds. They’ve built software for very large multinationals to small brick & mortar shops. 1Day built and operated hotels from the ground up. They’ve managed Multi-Million dollar investments across the region. And now, 1Day focusing on their shared passion of travel and hospitality. They leverage talent across the globe, with the team based in The Philippines, The United Kingdom and New Zealand. 1Day is agile developer. They’ve seen beautiful software, well-designed, on-time and on-budget projects — and its opposite. 1Day has been around enough times to discern processes that deliver consistent results. They are customer focused. They’ve worked on the floors of call centers and the lobbies of hotels to live and breathe customer service. Most of all, 1Day is very passionate about helping hotels and resorts succeed and giving back to the communities they serve. 1Day hopes to go on this journey with their cleitns.



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