Cenium Property Management (PMS) provides you with a comprehensive feature set to manage all business processes which is required to operate an individual property or multiple properties in a chain, including hotels, conference properties or resorts. You can use Cenium PMS as a stand-alone module or as an integrated module within the Cenium Suite providing you with one solution for managing lifestyle activities or conferences and events instead of using multiple systems and user interfaces. This PMS gives you the option of operating in a single property mode or a multi property mode. Furthermore, Cenium enables you to easily manage your channel strategy handling your direct distribution through own call centers or property/company website and your indirect distribution through travel agencies and online booking channels. Cenium’s tool helps you to manage your most important asset – the guest. Guest cards provide you with all relevant information about your guests such as their contact information, preferences, loyalty programs, memberships, past- and future stays etc. are readily available through the solution.







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