Omnibees was created in 2009 to provide the industry’s most comprehensive marketing & distribution solution that maximizes their customers’ revenue by optimizing their price or reducing operating costs. In a highly competitive industry and in constant technological and business change, Omnibees understood from the first day that innovation would be a fundamental factor and for that reason was constituted a core R & D that allowed the development of the Omnibees platform and its constant evolution. In 2012 Omnibees was finally ready to be launched in the market and in just 6 years, it is the market leader in Brazil with more than 4000 hotels and still has commercial relations in Mexico and Colombia. Since Omnibees’s main concern is to respond to the challenges of their customers, Omnibees can say that they are one of the key elements for Omnibees’s success. The company mission is provide smart solutions for Omnibees customers in the travel industry by globally integrating the world of distribution. The Omnibees wision is to be global, market leader in technology and services for distribution in the travel industry. Omnibees values: their actions are based on mutual trust, transparency, innovation, ownership and determination to generate results and satisfaction for their clients.






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