New Event Source

May 20, 2020Price Optimizer Update

New Event Source đź“…

We launched a new Events tool which makes it simple and quick for you to track and follow events/holidays from your key source markets.

How does this help?

The events calendar will help your hotel identify demand generators easily and adjust the pricing accordingly to the demand that is generated by specific events happening in your cities. Whether it is a company conference, a trade show, a music festival, a sporting event – all of these events can be tracked based on the automatically generated suggestions or by manually entering specific hotel events.

◾️Fully Redesigned   ◾️Easy Imports   ◾️Eventful & iCal Integration

Your front end staff might recognize why some dates are unexpectedly well booked! Not just that, they could advise guests on that fun weekend street parade in town 🎉 or that the guests might want to consider a quiet room to the backyard 🏡

To add/subscribe/delete a calendar, go on the “Calendars” tab.


Calendars can be added via different sources:

  1. Eventful – Eventful is an online calendar and events discovery service having a large directory of events. Use the Eventful source to automatically download a calendar of events at a specified venue
  2. iCal (URL) – Calendar programs allow you to export what is called an iCalendar (.ics or iCal) feed URL. Use the iCal URL to import events
  3. iCal (File) – Import events with an iCal file. These iCal URLs and files are commonly found on tourism or events websites
  4. Manual – Manually add a calendar

When you have completed the events list, these events appear in:

Price Optimizer > Dashboard Calendar

Price Optimizer > Price Control

Price Optimizer > Price Report

CRS (Quoting Screen)

This tool has the possibility to integrate several hotels or a hotel group. In the future version, Events with an ‘Impact value’ could change forecast if requested by the hotel.

Please get in contact with your account manager to enable this feature. For other questions or problems using new features, please contact