Facebook Lives’ Statistics 27.05.2020

May 28, 2020COVID-19

Hotels are opening, restrictions are slowly being lifted and the number of reservations are increasing. It only means one thing – it’s high time for action! Now we are observing an increase of reservations which we process in our Channel Manager. We have decided to share this data with you because we believe it might help you to make better business decisions. Every Wednesday, during a morning cup of coffee, we will share new data, briefly discuss it and suggest actions to take in this period of time. 

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Every week we will talk about:

– which channels are worth your special attention during prices setting
– when you should start adjusting prices and preparing your property
– which kind of traffic it is: local or global?

Find short summary from our last session on May 27:

Data Source

– 743 properties from Poland (n=743) – all property types included

New reservations weekly: all YieldPlanet clients (from 5th week)

– steady grow but still far from the reference level from January/February

New reservations weekly: all YieldPlanet clients (from 5th week)

– clear demand division on weeks 25, 35, 44

– since week 18 some demand on May and June

– July and August started to grow only since the last 2 weeks – still a lot of uncertainty

– September still too far to have any visible demand, October-December beyond the interest

– mostly short booking windows (last-minute reservations)

New reservation weekly: chosen countries 

– trends are similar across all the countries with some little differences depending on the local defrosting strategy applied 

New reservation weekly: selected Regions

– in Poland, the dynamic of growth is similar across all the regions but still way below the previous level

Total number of new reservations: distribution (res. from weeks 12-21)

– distribution is very uneven, only selected properties received hundreds of reservations over the last 9 weeks (after the lock-down)

– median is only 17 so half of the properties didn’t even receive 2 online reservations per week 

Arrival month for new reservations weekly: Poland

– in Poland, the majority of reservations are made for May during the last 3 weeks – mostly last-minute bookings

– June is coming so the demand for this month arises

– July and August grow slow but steady

– other months clearly beyond the interest


Channels share weekly: Poland (hotels with BEs)

Poland: channels share: only properties with BE connected via YieldPlanet Channel Manager

– OTAs are having a strong 80% of the share for online reservations

– ~20% of direct bookings during the last 4 weeks (which is better than in Jan/Feb) but the share is slowly falling

– neglectable share of other channel types (wholesalers and tour operators)

Booker country share weekly: Poland (b.com declarative data)

Poland: only b.com reservations and declarative residency data

– the share of local cookers has grown during the last 5 weeks to 90% and clearly shows that Polish guests should be the most important for any offerings and marketing


Booker country share weekly: Poland (various channels)

Poland: all online channels

– confirmation of the above

Please, share  your opinion with us and question you have,  and suggest what data we should show next week.
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– the demand is still on the very low level but it’s clearly growing in all countries and regions

– bookers remain mostly local and are still cautious, therefore booking last minute


– focus on offering for June but start looking in July and August

– make sure the direct offer is always the best (rate imparity, USPs communication and good website flow – are key points)

– start advertising your property, especially on the existing customer base

– open and control rates for as long as possible since the demand is unpredictable (don’t miss the chance!)

– control any pick-ups carefully and react accordingly

– implement automation tools so they save your time and take care of most of the points above (POS)

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