Company description: HOTECH – Hotel Technology Ecosystem is a solution center that develops innovative and great technologies in the name of digitizing hotels. With its eco-system formed by 20 years of experience and by world wide partnerships, HOTECH globally offers the most comprehensive technology related solutions, covering all the processes in a hotel from CRM to Finance Management, Front Office to Cost Analysis. In addition to innovative software solutions that have been developed, Hotech provides consultancy and project support services for the digitization of hospitality processes and operates its offices in Berlin, Istanbul, Cancun and Antalya.
Product description: Hotech Solutions are suitable for integration with any additional software or technological system that can be used in a hospitality property thus increasing the benefits for the property, providing time & convenience for the user, increasing the data reliability, eliminating repetition of data entries and processes. Hotech has two different PMS; Amonra and Otello. While AmonRa PMS is suitable for small hotels and specialized for Turkish market, Otello is a Hospitality ERP that has no other examples in the global market and targeted to cover all business processes of a hospitality property without compromising on data quality.
Cooperation description: Hotech products have a seamless 2 way integration with YieldPlanet. So the automation of online sale processes of hotels become more easy and quick without having any data loss or any manuel work.
Geographical focus: South-Eastern Europe
Property focus: Individual hotels, Hotel Chains, Apart Hotels, Vacation Rentals
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