Nitesoft’s history all started with an initiative 6 years back. A new innovative hotelier needed a next generation Property Management System (PMS) with higher level of automation and geared to interact with its guests. Legacy solutions that have grown over the years had become incomprehensible and a barrier to develop guest services. Nitesoft’s customer looked out for a cloud based, easy to learn and use, effective and flexible solution. The company team decided to take on the challenge and build Nitesoft, a world class cloud based hotel management solution. Leading hoteliers and the smartest engineers were engaged to achieve its goals; product and services excellence that impact the way hotels operate and engage with guests this will also generate superior revenue streams and reduced costs. Nitesoft has proven to meet the current trends, helping hoteliers raise service levels, drive revenues, rationalize costs, and ultimately change the way hotels engage and interact with hotel guests. Key business process is a focus for what Nitesoft does. Sales and distribution, check guests in and out, housekeeping, back office management, customer data, IT security and operations are all elaborately supported. Nitesoft is provided as a service to an increasing number of successful hostels, hotels and service apartments.


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