More Improvements

Apr 9, 2020Price Optimizer Update

More Improvements ⚡️
We made some product improvements that recently went live.

What’s new?

  • ‘Season’ changed to ‘Strategy’
  • Reports tab redesigned
  • Multi-day price level change revamp

‘Season’ changed to ‘Strategy’

The word ‘Season’ was replaced with ‘Strategy’. When we think of a season, it’s categorized as Low, Mid and High/Peak season, each associated with different expectations and demands.

We made this change because by changing the < Strategy > not only the price range changes but also the entire strategy started with the prices, the aggressiveness of the price changes, virtual rooms, distribution rules, packages, etc. changes. Therefore, strategies have a much bigger impact.

To change or configure strategies, go to Config tab > Strategy.

Reports Tab Redesigned

The Reports tab was given a clean shave look. Better alignments and consistent button placements all across the reports interface. 📈

More improvements coming soon to reports. #staytuned

Multi-Day Price Level Change

PO > Price Control > Multi-Day Update.

Multi-Day update, as the name suggests, allows you to mass-change price levels for a selected period, strategy, and room type.

New Version

Now, there are two possibilities:

1. Set value to a price level

2. Change value by a price level

As usual, should you have any questions or problems using new features, please contact