Multiday update redesign

Jul 24, 2019Price Optimizer Update

Multiday update redesign


Bulk updates for multiple stay dates are now easier to control. For each feature of the room type/stay date combination, user can choose to:

  • apply no changes
  • set the defined value (provided manually)
  • set the default value (default for the season assigned to the stay date)


Warning of unsaved changes


In the Price Control, after any change is made within the selected stay date, there will be a warning message. This message will inform the user that changes made were not applied yet and therefore might be lost if “Apply Changes” is not clicked.

Adjust font colour to the background in Price Control

Rows with rooms in Price Control can have a colour defined by the user in Hotel Configuration, in the Config tab. The font colour will now be automatically adjusted to the background so the information is well presented.

As usual, should you have any questions or problem using new functions, please contact