Pickup Overview

Apr 8, 2020Price Optimizer Update


↑ Pickup Overview 

Since the hospitality industry is in the middle of a storm, we have steered our development roadmap for current needs so that hotels have an umbrella in place i.e to plan and prepare for an upturn in bookings when the market restarts.

A new Pickup Overview tab is now available within the hamburger menu 🍔 (we mean ☰)

  • A great way to identify pickup information < all in one view >

  • React to bookings/cancellations or demand gaps in real-time

Each box represents a room night booked within the specified pickup window. Boxes highlighted in white are weekdays, while the ones in red are weekends.

That’s not all.. this is just the start! Pickup Overview is the first module in a row of new developments. New modules to follow.

Please note that we are seriously taking your suggestions to prioritize our development. Feel free to write to us at po-support@yieldplanet.com if you have any questions or problems using new functions.