Price Control Screen Update

Oct 3, 2018Price Optimizer Update

Tomorrow (3.10.2018) we will release the first part of updates for the most frequently used feature in Price Optimizer, the price control screen.

Price control now offers to show the most important data in different formats. It is possible to use the table as today, choose a graph or just hide this information. The last option gives better overview of all rooms – helpful for hotels with many room types.

On the graph the blue bar shows the occupancy level of the hotel, where the orange line shows the forecasted value. Hover over any of the bars and you will see the actual room nights value.

Additionally, more information is displayed on the overview of the screen.

  • Pick up (3d): The pick up from last 3 days is shown. This gives a quick understanding about booking dynamics in the last days, making it easier to spot well or low performing days. More detailed pick up reporting can be found in menu > reports > pick up daily or pick up monthly
  • Availability: the first number shows total number of rooms available, where the second  number in brackets gives the information of how many rooms are still available for the chosen number of people (2 Pax in the example below).
  • If a certain roomtype is not suitable for the selected number of adults (Pax), the roomtypes are marked as n/a.
  • Out Of Order rooms (OOO): For Hogatex users, Price Control will show the OOO values fed automatically from the PMS. For all other PMS users, a future update will enable manual editing of the OOO feature.
  • The Stop Sell button is shown consistently with the CRS and also allows to see the status of a stop sell.

Stop Sell

Upon many user requests we have restored the permanent channel close possibility in Price Control and in the quoting screen – the “Until opened” option is available in both interfaces.

We have also implemented some fixes in the Stop Sell service function, which improves the reliability of this function.

Price rounding in quoting screen

For stays longer than one night the average price is now showing the average price rounded to 2 digits behind the comma.