Stop sell mechanism in CRS Upgrade

Mar 29, 2019Price Optimizer Update

Stop sell mechanism in CRS upgrade

User requests to close or open channels are now handled in the background, without stopping user’s work. If the request for change fails, it will be processed again without any additional action required.

The Stop Sell button is showing a current state of channels and ongoing requests:

  1. Button red – all channels currently closed,

  2. Button red and green – some channels are closed and the number of them is shown,

  3. Spining wheel – recent request is being processed in the background,

  4. Button green – all channels are open,

  5. Alert – an error occured. In this situation user should retry to modify channel distribution or contact our support.

Error notifications

In case the browser session expires a user will be notified with a suitable information and a request to reload the page:

Any other technical problems have their own notification screens. Major problems result with an automated notification to our support.

CRS single reservation

All the rooms chosen in the quotting screen within the single reservation request, are currently transferred as a single reservation into the Channel Manager and into the PMS afterwards. This reservation will include all the rooms chosen.

Last year data switch

From now on, user can change the exact last year data used for comparison to current OTB values. Either the same day of the month (1st:1st) or the same day of the week (Mon:Mon) can be chosen. Both Last Year (LY) and Last Year Days To Arrival (LYDTA) values will be updated accordingly. The switch is available on multiple screens and the last choice will be remembered also during the page reload.

Rate shopper – main property color

In the rate shopping tool (Price Report) not only the colour of competition hotels but now also the colour of the main property can be modified. This can be done in Config, in Comp Set tab.

If the above mentioned features are not visible, please try to reload the page without the cached image of the website wit Ctrl+Shift+r or CMD+Shift+r shortcut.

If you have any questions or problem using new functions, please contact