Ummarking inactive mappings in

Jan 30, 2019Channel Manager

A new advance has been developed in YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager – automatic unmapping of inactive rooms and rate plans in This development results in faster distribution and  decreased traffic to due to not sending any data to inactive rooms or rate plan.

Unmapping inactive rooms and rate plans in means that YieldPlanet will no longer distribute any data to such combinations.

YieldPlanet will mappings more fit when:

– room is inactive

– rate plan is inactive

– a combination of room and rate plan is inactive

– a room or rate plan is calculated according to internal formulas and no parameters can be delivered to such room or rate plan.

– a single use rate is not active in

– a rate plan is not supported via XML

Customers are notified via email on unmapping operation after a single mapping row has been affected.

This operation is safe, as unmapping inactive combinations is neutral from a customer’s point of view.

If you are our customer, please, verify mappings within the Channel Manager tool. Please, expect similar advantages with more channels soon.