Why do you need to be on GDS now

Jul 10, 2019Case Study, Hotelier Academy

GDS business can be a significant source of incremental bookings. Who is it for and how to use it? Read YieldPlanet’s white paper to find out:

In the world where diversification of distribution channels is one of the key factors that make your property perform better, hoteliers cannot avoid to consider GDS as one of the tools they have to diversify distribution. GDS business can be a significant source of incremental bookings. With an optimized GDS strategy better cost per acquisition than with OTAs can be achieved. GDS are the way for hotels to connect and conduct business with travel agencies and travel management companies alike. GDS deliver some of the most valuable customers for hotels; business travelers, who tend to spend more on premise and pay a higher average daily rate (ADR) than their leisure counterparts. We have prepared this white paper based on data and insights concerning the most important GDS providers in the market. You will learn from it:

  • what a GDS channel is
  • who the main players in the GDS market are and how they operate
  • at the difference between the GDS and other distribution channels is
  • how your property can benefit from activating a GDS channel
  • how to choose a GDS

We believe it will help you to formalize and build your GDS strategy for your property.

Claudio Limacher, CEO, YieldPlanet