XML 2-way connectivity with Despegar

Jan 28, 2017Connections, OTAs

YieldPlanet is integrated with Despegar.com, the No. 1 OTA in South American countries. Thanks to this 2way xml interface, YieldPlanet users can make immediate availability, rates and inventory updates through YieldPlanet Channel Manager in a few clicks.

YieldPlanet is integrated with Despegar.com/Decolar.com, Latin America’s largest online travel agency, serving customers throughout Portuguese and Spanish speaking markets. This partnership is a great opportunity for hoteliers to drive more bookings from fast growing emerging markets like Brazil or other South American countries.

Following the 2-way XML interface certification with YieldPlanet, hoteliers can make real-time Availability, Rates and Inventory updates through YieldPlanet Channel Manager in a few clicks, thus helping them to control pricing strategies and optimize their revenue.

Founded in 1999, Despegar.com, Inc. operates as an online business-to-consumer travel agency that focuses on the Portuguese and Spanish speaking market. It operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spain, and the United States. It hosts 21 country-specific websites, offering 150.000 hotels, more than 500 airlines and thousands of destinations in just one place.