We are happy to announce that from now on, Expedia promotions can be managed via YieldPlanet. Promotions set in most OTAs require creating additional rate plans and modifying mappings in your channel manager. Unlike most OTAs, Expedia promotions are easily managed by defining promotional rules calculated from the main rate.

Start your Expedia promotions in 3 easy steps described below:

1. Proceed to YieldPlanet Promotions tab in the Setup menu and select Expedia from the drop-down list.


2. Click ‘Add’ and define the promotion type.
Promotion types available:

  • Options for a single discount, day-of-the-week and multi-night.
  • Same-day-deal offers last-minute travelers a one-time discount off your lowest-priced room.
  • Early booking offers a discount to travelers who book early on dates that you choose.
  • Minimum and maximum lengths of stay may be set for all promotion types to apply.

3. Define the conditions and start your promotion.


Follow simple guide instructions to learn how to attach tags to a promotion for effective merchandising, set the target group and manage other settings:

Single promotions offer percentage-based discounts (between 1 – 75%) for all nights of a stay (such as 10% off)

Day-of-week promotions are applicable for specific days of the week within the travel window (such as Mondays at 10%, Tuesdays at 12%, and so on) to help manage occupancy fluctuations

Multi-night promotions for extended lengths of stay to reward travelers who stay longer (such as “Stay 3 nights and get the 3rd night at 40% discount”). This type of promotion is unique for Expedia.

You can attach tags to a promotion for effective merchandising on the points of sale by tagging promotion as Same-day-deal, early booking, or basic deal.
Additionally once creating a promotion please specify whether it would be targeted to Expedia customers (member-only deal) or to all travelers searching through mobile devices (mobile discount).

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