Channel Manager Update: Occupancy Based Pricing in

Feb 25, 2022Channel Manager, Connections

Occupancy Based Pricing in – take advantage of extra revenue and fast distribution. YieldPlanet was one of the first channel managers certified to use’s newly launched Occupancy Based Pricing.

Now the process of switching to Occupancy Based Pricing is even faster than before and can be achieved in a few simple steps:

  1. Request your Support Team turning on Occupancy Based Pricing
  2. Receive mapping guidelines and switch confirmation
  3. Send occupancy rates to

All properties considering or requesting YieldPlanet as a provider on can choose between default Standard pricing and Occupancy based pricing. Choosing the best-suited pricing model in any OTA is one of the key factors for a property’s successful performance and a number of reservations in the future. We strongly believe that Occupancy Based Pricing brings more revenue to properties. confirms that finding and estimates that switching to Occupancy Based Pricing with no additional actions can bring between a 3.5% – 5.0% of revenue increase.

In’s Occupancy Based Pricing rates per each occupancy are defined individually and stay fully flexible. With Occupancy Based Pricing there is no need for any fixed-rate relation between prices anymoreTake a triple room for example – from now on you can insert fully independent rates for 1, 2 or 3 adults accommodated within the room. No rate linkage within is required with the newly launched pricing model. 


Take advantage of current upgrades to the pace of data distribution to and see your rates and inventory in real time on extranet.

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