The occupancy metric shows the percentage of occupied rooms during a chosen time. It’s one of the most common KPIs used in hospitality. The formula for it is simple.

Hotel occupancy rate = Number of occupied rooms / Total number of available rooms (in the chosen period). Multiplied by 100 to convert it into a percentage.

It is calculated for all days of the month/year. For hotels that are open all year round, this is fine. However, for hotels that are seasonal or closed for some part of the year, the occupancy calculation did not take the closed dates out of the equation.

Now you can add Hotel Closed Dates in Price Optimizer. The occupancy calculation will then be based on the open dates only.

For example, your hotel is occupied 100% throughout 2022 but it was closed for the month of December.

Old (if feature disabled): Occupancy = 91.6% (11/12 x 100)

New (if feature enabled): Occupancy = 100% (11/11 x 100)

Both options are available for you. They will reflect on reports accordingly.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact or Key Account Manager.

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