The Price & General Availability panel on the right of the screen now includes distinct Pickup and Competition Price adjustments details. Now you can see the impact of these rules for a recommendation.

We know it can be hard at times to remember what rules were originally set up. To take the guesswork away, we introduce information buttons next to the price level so that you can be sure what rule was applied versus the actual result of the recommendation.

Impact of competition price rule for a given date

Not just that, you can observe simulated results with or without its automatic application over the initial price level selection.

There’s more!

  1. The Price Level row displays the current out of total price level
  2. The Room Types column includes the total number of rooms

Now it’s faster to analyze data to make pricing decisions – when you have crucial information to double-check and compare right away.

Keep an eye on your competitors’ rates, because that’s exactly what your guests are doing

Switch over to KPI Comparison to view a row of KPI’s and Booking Pace graph


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