Introducing Virtual Rate Plan

Aug 19, 2020Price Optimizer Update

You may be aware that OTAs are doing RateMixing or ‘blending’, a technique whereby OTA’s can provide customers with the best price by mixing different rate plans to meet the search parameters. For instance, they can combine a 2 nights stay by taking one ordinary rate and one night’s worth of the ‘special’ rate, add them together, and serve the guest a cheaper offer.

 You can do the same with YieldPlanet’s Virtual Rate Plan. Combine all your special offers and PriceOptimizer will compose the best price considering all restrictions of the linked rate plans. Offer optimal multi-day rates to direct clients on the phone, to the web booking engine, or send it to selected channels.

 Please get in contact with your account manager for more info on how to use this feature.

 Hotel Chain View

 Let’s say one of your hotels is already booked for the selected Dates & Pax on the CRS (Quoting screen).

 So then you scroll below and view alternative offers from your other hotel.


 If you decide to ‘Go to’ the offer → CRS will now preserve your selection when you switch to that hotel.

 If you have any questions or problem using new functions, please contact