The Íslandshótel chain was one of YieldPlanet’s very first clients to use Price Optimizer. The journey of this collaboration began in 2016 when Íslandshótel already managed 17 hotels. Now it is one of the country’s best and most prospering hotel chains, which hosts thousands of people every year. Thorhallur Ólafsson, Revenue Manager at Íslandshótel, spoke with us about what YieldPlanet brings to the Islands Hotel chain and how our tools help them grow. Download the PDF to learn more. 

Success story content:

1.  Challenges
How the hotel routine became one of the Íslandshótel chain’s biggest challenges, and why they were drowning in it day by day.

2. Solution
How YieldPlanet’s Price Optimizer became one of the solutions, which, above all, gave Íslandshótel a chance to automate its revenue and distribution management fully.

3. Goals
Could Price Optimizer be the main factor that helps a hotel to keep on achieving its goal and makes the chain constantly grow and expand the market? Check which tool’s features and values make this happen. 

Client’s opinion

“We wanted a better channel manager and chose YieldPlanet. The partnership has been very good from day one and trust in YieldPlanet has grown. Therefore, when YieldPlanet introduced Price Optimizer, I didn’t hesitate even though I knew the system was in its early stages. I admire how fast it has developed since.

With Price Optimizer, we can quickly adjust our pricing strategy, managed and optimized each property, and level up our income”, says Thorhallur Ólafsson, Revenue Manager at Íslandshótel.

Do you want to learn more about how YieldPlanet’s Price Optimizer has helped The Íslandshótel chain to grow? Download the PDF with the complete case by using the sharing option below.

Have you got your portion of inspiration?

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