User Roles

Jun 8, 2021Price Optimizer Update

In today’s release, we introduce User Roles or permissions in Price Optimizer allowing you to customize each user’s access. Now you can choose which areas of Price Optimizer your users can see, and whether or not they can create, edit and delete records in those areas.

To make it easy to understand — we added a predefined list of new roles for you to choose from that would help you maintain the appropriate balance of collaboration and control within your team.

User Roles and Descriptions

Admin user: Full access; plus ability to modify user roles & edit notes on the Configuration page

Normal user: Full access

Read-only user: View-only access

Limited Config user: Full access; minus ability to make any changes on the Configuration page

Limited Price Control user: Full access; minus ability to make price changes on the Price Control page for more than 2 days

Restricted Config user: Full access; minus the Configuration page

By default, current users are assigned as Normal user with the same access as before, including CRS and Channel Manager so nothing changes. To assign a new role for your user, please contact your Key Account Manager.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact