YieldPlanet has become a Preferred Software Partner of Airbnb another year in the row!

Sep 7, 2021Connections

We are very glad that we can continue to contribute to our clients’ growth, develop solutions we deliver to all channel manager users, and satisfy and benefit our customers by working hand in hand with industry professionals, despite all the difficulties the whole world is facing lately.

Being a preferred software partner status means for YieldPlanet Team to work directly with the Airbnb IT team and benefit from technical and business advice.

What does it mean for hoteliers and vacation rental owners?

In October of 2018, Airbnb launched the Preferred Software Partner program to provide relevant criteria by which they could recognize best-in-class tools for all hosts. Airbnb’s preferred partner status requires software providers to meet stringent baseline standards to be able to connect and to provide an exceptional level of service.

This is how Airbnb strives to invest in the strength and powerful integrations to provide their hosts with convenient and smooth experience from the connection. Airbnb identifies the Preferred Software Partners twice each year as a part of their recurring assessment process.

 “In order to satisfy customers and keep Preferred Partner status YieldPlanet’s developers work constantly on making existing connections smarter and more advanced. We are happy to have a chance of working directly with Airbnb IT team and benefit from technical and business advice that is a part of Preferred Partner program”, – Tomasz Fitulski, Chief Information Officer, YieldPlanet

Want to learn more? If you have any questions or if you want to connect your Channel Manager to Airbnb, contact our sales team to get more details.