How to map an AirBnb in YP’s Channel Manager?

Sep 19, 2019Channel Manager, Connections

Airbnb is one of the key platform that allow you to reach out to your potential customers from Poland, as well as the most remote locations of the world. Airbnb is a hugely popular platform and, for many travelers, the first choice in the search for a place to stay. It is therefore a good idea to include it into your distribution strategy. Particularly, because you can easily map it with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager. How do you do this? Let us walk you through the process.

Step 1 – create and Airbnb account

To map Airbnb with Channel Manager by YieldPlanet, you need to create an account on your partner’s platform. To do this, go to and select the tab “Register now”. You can register using your own email address. While completing the profile, you will be asked to submit some key information, such as: payment method and information on the VAT. You will also need to verify you account’s data – identity, email address and telephone number. Don’t worry, it will only take a few minutes. Creating an account is free.

Step 2 – prepare your offer

YieldPlanet does not transfer data to individual sales channels connected to the Channel Manager, so you will need to create offers for you facility directly in your Airbnb account. Remember to do it before connecting Airbnb to Channel Manager – all offers can then be automatically loaded and you can start monitoring the efficiency of your new sales channel. How to create offers? Go to the “Host” tab in your profile and click on “Create New Listings”.

Step 3 – connect your Airbnb account with YieldPlanet

In the last step you will connect your new Airbnb account with Channel Manager. To do so, make sure that you’re logged in to your Airbnb account, then log into your account in YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager. Go to the “Partners” tab, find partner labelled AirBnBXML2 and go to editing. Fill out login data (user name and password) as well as Hotel’s ID (Airbnb account ID that you will find after logging to extranet in the “Profile/Account Settings” tab, in the URL address). In the field “Partner Class” select „AirBnBXML2 (145)” from the list, then fill out “Hotel ID” field – here you should put Airbnb account ID (you will find it in the URL of your Airbnb profile). After you have completed filling out the profile, you can authorize YieldPlanet as your Channel Manager.

Having authorised the YP, go again to the “Partners” tab and click on “Get all rooms” to connect AirBnBXML2. This procedure will let you load all listings that you’ve created in the previous step to the Channel Manager. Next, following the same procedure, source all price lists. In the next step prepare AirbnbXML2 mapping and activate your partner in the Channel Manager by clicking on “Activate” button. Your account should be active within 8 hours. In case your offers are not active in the Airbnb extranet after 8 hours, inform us about this fact immediately by writing to

Why should I connect to Airbnb?

Every day over 2 million customers stays in facilities booked via Airbnb. Airbnb will help you reach out to a new group of customers, who are not frequent hotel guests. However – though the portal was created for owners of apartments and representatives of the short-term rental market – hoteliers can also use the Airbnb offers, provided they offer extraordinary conditions in their facilities and tend to the customers personally. This solution is particularly appealing to owners of boutique hotels and guesthouses, as Airbnb attracts mostly customers searching for unique experiences. Therefore, chain hotels can find using Airbnb as a sales channel much more difficult. Read more on Airbnb website.

All Airbnb offers can be assigned to one of the three following home types:

  • Entire place: guests have the entire space to themselves (usually includes a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen).
  • Private rooms: guests have their own private room for sleeping and may share some spaces with others
  • Shared rooms: guests sleep in a space that is shared with others and share the entire space with other people.

Connecting Airbnb with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager helps you automate your sales on one hand, and better protect yourself against overbooking on the other. Airbnb checks facility / room availability with Channel Manager before completing the booking. Should the response sent in real-time be positive, it will pass all the bookings further.

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