Price Optimizer Usability Improvements II

Oct 5, 2021Price Optimizer Update

Last time in Usability Improvements update we promised to release the features marked * by
September 30, 2021. Today, we deliver that plus we have increased the stability of the system by making a number of backend improvements.

Improvements in Price Optimizer

1. Ability to change hotel and competitor colors in Comp Set configuration for all users

  • When you set colors in Comp Set, the same colors will be applied everywhere on the system where competitors are displayed. For example: Price Reports, Price Control & Details page

  • On Price Control, only user hotel’s color is affected

2. Dashboard removed for PO Start users and tabs reordered

  • For Start users, the old Dashboard information is available on Price Control

  • On logging in, Price Control is the default page displayed

3. Occupancy Report table on Dashboard standardized for PRO Users allowing easier reading

Improvements in CRS (Quoting Screen)

1. New checkbox option in Room Types configuration whether to count baby cot in Total Pax calculation

2. Grouping info in Room Types configuration and ability to pin virtual room types to any of the existing group rooms

  • Changing sort order of Rooms Types & Rate Plans configuration bug fixed

  • Now the list of Rate Plans on the price table is displayed based on its sort order in Rate Plans configuration

If you have any questions or issues, please contact