Small Tweaks in PO & CRS

Nov 26, 2020Price Optimizer Update

Today we release some changes in Price Optimizer & CRS (Quoting Screen):

  • Altered CRS Select Dates panel

  • Added filters on Pickup Overview table

  • Popups for unsaved changes on Price Optimizer

Select Dates panel

The ‘Select dates’ panel on the top left of the quoting screen has a new design. If a guest calls up and says “I want to stay from December 10 to 15” – this panel provides you a natural way to input arrival & departure dates, along with the number of adults and children to see prices in an instance.

Filters on Pickup Overview ↓↑

New filters added to Pickup Overview tab.

  1. Possible to filter pickup values for Room Type Groups, specific Room Types as well as Group Room Types

  2. Visible Total Pickups and Year Totals

Unsaved Changes Popup

Made changes in Price Optimizer and forgot to save it? Happens to the best of us. Even when you change the dates, select another tab or try to close the window altogether – Price Optimizer will remind you via a popup when there are unsaved changes.

As usual, if you have any questions or problems using new features, please contact or your Key Account Manager.