Channel Manager database sharding for system’s higher efficiency

Oct 25, 2019Channel Manager

We have finalized the Channel Manager database sharding project we have been working on at YieldPlanet for the last 12 months.

Sharding is a database partitioning that separates very large databases into smaller, faster and more efficient parts.

Why is sharding so important?

Over the last few years, the demand for the hotels to exchange data year to year has been increasingly and dynamically growing.

Data traffic increases at least twice fold each year, requiring constant effort to keep up with that pace from the channel manager. Sharding has prepared us for supporting big loads of rates and allotments distributed to your OTA channels, as well as processing rates received from revenue management systems which are becoming more and more popular.

The process will, therefore, allow it for our Channel Manager to operate faster even with big amounts of data.

Finalizing the database sharding project required from us moving resources within our database.  We did our best to minimize any negative effects on hotelier daily operations. Now we can take advantage of this milestone project and grow further with you.

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