Pickup Alerts

Aug 7, 2020Price Optimizer Update

Following the Pickup Overview module, we released a Pickup Alert functionality so that you can receive real-time alerts when there is a pickup, based on certain configurable rules.
Thanks to this alert – You can quickly examine the development of demand and booking behavior for future stay dates.

Create an alert from the tab Config > Pickup Alerts and specify the email address you want to receive the alert. For more on the alert rules and how to set it up, please contact your Key Account Manager.

Total on Pickup Overview

Small improvement to the Pickup Overview table that includes a ‘Total’ column. Powered with the new Pickup Alert functionality, this table will help you better analyze and verify pickup information as soon as you receive an alert.

If you have any questions or problem using new functions, please contact po-support@yieldplanet.com.

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