September Channel Manager Updates

Sep 14, 2021Channel Manager

We are happy to inform you that Revenue Rules in your Channel Manager have been extended with time-based rules.

There are 2 types of rules in Revenue rules that hotels can use from now on:

  • Allotment-Based Rules are designed to increase or decrease price or to close out certain channels when allotment is in a specified range.
  • Time-Based Rules are designed to increase or decrease price for specified booking window or calendar dates.

Time-Based Rules is a new functionality that triggers price change irrespective of the number of available rooms. Rules can be run every day at a specific time or automatically activated after any price change.

What is also special in regards to Time-Based rules is that they can be reversed and rates go back to previously set levels.


    Major advantages of time-based rules:

    • Possibility of automated price actions like applying advance purchase or last-minute discounts within basic rates.
    • Time-based rules can modify any price per hotel or per channel level.
    • Time-based rules and allotment-based rules can be used at the same time – allotment rules will increase or decrease rates when allotment criteria are met while time-based rules will be fired on a certain booking window or date range.

    Please visit Setup -> Revenue Rules to find Time-Based Rules functionality.

    If you have any questions please contact