4 Truths about Millennial ‪‎Travellers

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Much has been said about ‪Millennial‬ ‪tourists‬ and how they are currently shaping the ‪hotel‬ ‪industry‬. Generation Y – whose members are also referred to as “Millennials” – covers those who were born between 1977 and 1995, and, as the fastest-growing segment of business travelers globally, is high on the hotel industry’s radar.Hotels that fail to identify and heed Millennials’ unique qualities could soon find themselves in trouble. To help hoteliers more effectively target Millenials, below are 4 truths about gen Y and 4 tips on how to respond to their needs.

4 truths about Millennial ‪Travellers‬:

  1. They grew up immersed in ‪technology‬
  2. ‪Smartphones‬ are an extension of who they are
  3. They’re seeking ‪interaction‬ and ‪‎connection‬
  4. They are willing to pay for a great ‪experience

And 4 things you should pay attention to‬:

  1. To attract this booming market, you must put the effort in the emotional component. Gen Y seek out personalized and unique travel experiences. Make sure to localize it and give it an individual personality. Create something which will make your property one of its kind with a distinctive ‘sense of place’.
  2. Gen Y is not only the most emotional but also the least-satisfied generation of guests. Remember that customer service is defined differently by Millenials. What’s more, they are not shy about sharing thoughts, either good or bad, across social networks. So be watchful and responsive to your media presence!
  3. Gen Y guests want a communal atmosphere. Multi-use lobbies and meeting spaces should be centers for socializing, networking and work away from the office. Prepare your lobby with guest computers, a strong Wi-Fi connection, and ambient music.
  4. Finally, Millennials demand play-friendly rooms. They won’t call room service to get things done: they will do it themselves. Be one step ahead with tech-friendly accessories and a more flexible room design.
And of course, internet everywhere – but that one you already knew, didn’t you? Read also Are Millennials turning to Travel Agents?