YieldPlanet is proud to announce that it is increasing its footprint by opening a new office in the Canary Islands together with AiboSolutions. The new office located in Las Palmas signifies YieldPlanet’s continued growth and development.

“The promotion and distribution of hotels in the Canary Islands are very different from the hotels in other parts of Spain: high season, distribution channels, type of offer, imperative need to combine accommodation with air travel, etc. I have always been convinced that to provide a high-level service in the Canary Islands, it would be necessary to have a local team of support and management representatives. And I am glad to have this accomplished.”

Roberto Sanchez

Head of Sales in Spain, YieldPlanet

Find us at: Hotel Cristina by Tigotan Las Palmas, Gomera, 6, 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain

YieldPlanet is a strong team of experienced and highly competent experts. Every day we are contributing to making our clients’ lives easier and successful and we are very proud to work jointly to complete our mission. 

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