Long tail supply meets long tail demand

May 7, 2021Channel Manager, COVID-19, Revenue Management

Text by Nuitee Travel

The travel industry is facing the biggest challenge ever. We all players are looking at ways to reinvent ourselves, become more efficient, broaden the horizons and change some of our old ways of doing business. Finding a new set of customers, finding new partners, adapting and adopting technology, becoming more agile. All sounds good in theory, now the questions are where to start, where can I find some low hanging fruit that can add value to my business without killing my budget?

Among many areas we would like to crack the long tail demand and supply dilemma. A very large number of properties have contracts with the big folks (booking, expedia, etc). Fair enough, done. What else is out there for me, the hotelier?. Where can I find new distribution in a scalable way so I can showcase my hotel all over while still remaining under control?. Well, there are lots of other distribution and marketing options however you need to first find them and then you also need to contact them one by one. Bummer.

We all agree it is neither enough selling power nor strategically right for hotels just to contract with the big ones. There are also direct sales as well as a myriad of niche market players, such as Nuitee Travel. We can offer hotels the chance to diversify the business and the dependency risk. The problem for the hotel is to contact one by one those niche players, find the right ones and set up connectivity, T&Cs, etc. etc. Not scalable. You need access to marketing/distribution and sales in a scalable manner.

On this side of the table, at Nuitee Travel, we also have the same need, access to more products – your hotel – in a scalable manner. Going one by one, hotel by hotel, it is a long and tedious process. So how can we solve the dilemma of “long tail supply meets long tail demand”?

The answer is the partnership between Nuite Travel and YieldPlanet, that makes it simple by allowing hotels to be distributed through Nuitee’s worldwide network of affiliate partners in a seamless way. Hotels just need to visit our dedicated site for an easy sign up and you will soon be live and selling with Nuitee. Simple, easy and straightforward.

Interested in knowing more about Nuitee – YieldPlanet partnership and how to benefit? Learn more in our Interactive Integration List:



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