The closure of and WonderWeekend

Oct 19, 2020Connections

The 2020 is by no means the most challenging year for the hospitality business for decades. Except for the lucky niche companies offering for example doomsday shelters for super-rich or properties with high demand from local tourists there are not many properties, tour agencies, airlines or any other company related to hospitality in the whole world that has not suffered from the consequences of the pandemic. To some extent government support programs, additional funding, or the timely lifting of quarantine rules could to some extent ease the pain, but can not solve the major problem of less demand in tourism. This will lead to a makeover of hospitality companies at the pace difficult to predict.

It is with great regret that we announce the closure of the projects WonderWeekend and, with whom our products have been integrated and we have worked hand in hand for several years. The companies had to make a very difficult decision to close their projects due to the coronavirus epidemic. Both systems do not accept new reservations on their website anymore and currently providers are putting their main efforts to develop other projects, which got significantly less damage from the crisis.

Due to this situation, the YieldPlanet Channel Manager integrations with WonderWeekend and have been discontinued.

“Due to many complications related to COVID-19, we made a difficult decision – to close our project’,- reports co-founder of (

We were glad to be a part of such successful and useful integrations and to have a chance to work with and WonderWeekend. We wish both companies prosperity and great success in other projects. 

If you have any questions regarding your connection with providers mentioned above, please let us know here: