Traveler Value Index

Nov 22, 2021Hotelier Academy, Revenue Management

Our partner Expedia Group says travel is a force for good. This was true before the global shutdown of travel in 2020 and remains even more true today. We hope to use the lessons learned during this time of adversity to generate opportunities for the whole global travel ecosystem.

This is why, our partner, Expedia Group has created the Traveler Value Index, new research to understand the impact of the pandemic on traveler behavior and how COVID-19 will continue to influence booking decisions. The Traveler Value Index reinforces what they’ve learned about new expectations on health and safety while pointing towards more industry transformations. For example, travelers are putting more emphasis on values-based booking decisions, like seeking accommodations that share their views on inclusivity and sustainability. And Expedia Group has found that people are so eager to travel that more than a third would swap a salary increase for more vacation days.

Download the “Travel Value Index” e-book by Expedia Group to adapt to new traveler preferences, and to capture post-pandemic demand. From this e-book you will learn:

  • What travelers value in 2021
  • Hotels: Generations split on top consideration
  • Vacation rentals: Financial security is key
  • Air: Refunds fly high
  • Car rental: Flexibility over price
  • Cruises: The environment is top of mind for younger travelers