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Jun 10, 2021Channel Manager, Connections, Events

Mix It is online events about channel mix and why it is important to be presented in different types of distribution channels. Together with the best market players, we will share priceless tips on how to benefit from the marketing mix in the post-pandemic period.

‘Mix It’ show gives practical knowledge on how to increase the number of reservations, become recognizable and visible, experiment with rates and offers successfully, and boost sales due to the proper combination of distribution channels. ‘Mix It’ will help you understand which channels will work for your property the best, discover new connections and learn how to choose the channels in terms of local demand, travel restrictions, and market trends.

Every month we invite hospitality experts from different fields to get deep into the topic, find out how to improve sales due to proper distribution channel mix; which things we should take into consideration, and how to react to crises and adapt to market changes.

Let’s meet every last Thursday of the month and discuss the most critical topics:

1st episodeJuly 1st

2nd episodeJuly 29th

3rd episodeAugust 26th

4th episodeSeptember 30th

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