The new Partnership can be activated FREE OF CHARGE until the end of your subscription period, even in case you reached the maximum number of channels with your Channel Manager.
Hurry up – Special offer is limited in time! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Agoda is a truly a global OTA with over 2 million accommodation partners spanning across all continents.

By loading direct rates, Agoda can make sure your inventory gets the true global reach and production it deserves via better placement and marketing opportunities, which are currently not available to you. Their goal is to provide your hotel with the right customer at the right price and right time to build a mutually beneficial partnership.

Agoda unique value & Performance:

  • Market Leader in Asia-Pacific and US – Growing fast in Europe
  • Active Marketing on Agoda and Priceline
  • Competitive commission – No extra fees
  • Average length of stay 2.8 days.
  • Average lead time over 30 days.

How to activate Agoda?

1. Go to the CHM Dashboard
2. Click on the Agoda banner


3. Sign the contract and wait for instructions


The Agoda and YieldPlanet onboarding teams will then help to create your profile and start taking bookings.