The closure of and WonderWeekend

The closure of and WonderWeekend

The closure of and WonderWeekend

The 2020 is by no means the most challenging year for the hospitality business for decades. Except for the lucky niche companies offering for example doomsday shelters for super-rich or properties with high demand from local tourists there are not many properties, tour agencies, airlines or any other company related to hospitality in the whole world that has not suffered from the consequences of the pandemic. To some extent government support programs, additional funding, or the timely lifting of quarantine rules could to some extent ease the pain, but can not solve the major problem of less demand in tourism. This will lead to a makeover of hospitality companies at the pace difficult to predict.

It is with great regret that we announce the closure of the projects WonderWeekend and, with whom our products have been integrated and we have worked hand in hand for several years. The companies had to make a very difficult decision to close their projects due to the coronavirus epidemic. Both systems do not accept new reservations on their website anymore and currently providers are putting their main efforts to develop other projects, which got significantly less damage from the crisis.

Due to this situation, the YieldPlanet Channel Manager integrations with WonderWeekend and have been discontinued.

“Due to many complications related to COVID-19, we made a difficult decision – to close our project’,- reports co-founder of (

We were glad to be a part of such successful and useful integrations and to have a chance to work with and WonderWeekend. We wish both companies prosperity and great success in other projects. 

If you have any questions regarding your connection with providers mentioned above, please let us know here:

Latest YieldPlanet Integrations

Latest YieldPlanet Integrations

Latest YieldPlanet Integrations

We are very proud to be integrated with over 450 partners and the list of our connections is constantly growing. Meet our latest integrations, which can help you to develop a daily routine, achieve much more and get much better results of your work:

Obehotel de Efimatica is a technology company that offers booking engine solution ObeHotel. This booking engine provides you a complete and intuitive online reservation system to increase direct sales. You can now connect your ObeHotel booking engine to YieldPlanet Channel Manager and optimize your property online management.

HotelCard is a membership-based hotel booking platform that gives travelers access to discounted hotel rates. At the same time properties benefit from saving on commission fees. The Hotelcard booking portal is connected to YieldPlanet, so that prices and availability on Hotelcard are always actual and bookings are directly transferred into the hotel’s PMS.

RisskovAutoferien sells short-term holidays to 15 countries providing customers with the best travel experiences at the best possible price. Destination countries include Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Norway, Croatia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czechia, Italy and Belgium. The core and spirit of Risskov Autoferien is Scandinavia based.

We and our partners are constantly evolving to be even more useful to you.  It helps our clients reach global and regional markets, simplify everyday work and maximize a revenue of their business. Meet major updates to established channels:

Alojapro is a Booking Engine specialized in effectively increasing direct hotel reservations. We are glad to communicate that we released a new way to manage the connection between Alojapro and YieldPlanet that supports delivering inventory from Alojapro engine into the Channel Manager. For more information and use cases please contact:

HRS orders guaranteed by credit card are saved and displayed with card details in YieldPlanet channel manager. Details visible in the Channel Manager include card type, holder name, number and expiry date. Please note that not all orders come with credit cards as HRS is a great source of business orders paid charged in a different way than with credit card. As PSD2 directive deadline set for December 31st 2020 is approaching fast YieldPlanet expects more focus from OTA side on processing payments and sharing virtual credit cards.

Agoda supports fully-fledged occupancy based pricing from now on. This feature benefits all properties including vacation rentals with advanced pricing structure needs. Please expect more notifications on migrating existing properties to new Agoda connection soon.

Do you want to learn more about each of these partners? Visit our Interactive Integration List page to get more information about YieldPlanet’s integrations.

If you have any questions please contact

YieldPlanet and HQ revenue have integrated Market Intelligence and Price Optimizer RMS!

YieldPlanet and HQ revenue have integrated Market Intelligence and Price Optimizer RMS!

YieldPlanet and HQ revenue have integrated Market Intelligence and Price Optimizer RMS!

HQ revenue is a leading-edge platform in the revenue management technology landscape providing accurate, real-time market data to hoteliers and revenue managers, and YieldPlanet, the provider of advanced distribution tools for maximization of the revenue in the hospitality industry, are today announcing the integration of Market Intelligence and Price Optimizer RMS.

Market Intelligence is one of the most frequently used rate shopping tools by YieldPlanet customers, especially in the DACH region. The combined strength of a market data provider and a company focused on distribution in the hospitality industry will create exceptional value for their common clients. Hoteliers using HQ revenue Market Intelligence will be able to precisely automate their revenue management strategies on all channels against their market competition.

Price Optimizer remains the only RMS on the market with a fully integrated channel manager. Thanks to this, it can not only dynamically calculate prices, availability and restrictions for each product independently but also precisely distribute them over the channels in real-time.

In the difficult pandemic period, competition between hotels is even stronger than before. At the same time, human resources are often limited. High-quality data usage and revenue management automation become a necessary factor for success in the hospitality industry.

Both companies will continue the work on further integration of their products.

About HQ revenue:
HQ revenue, a brand of HQ plus GmbH, is a Berlin-based SaaS hotel technology provider with over 10,000 users worldwide. Since 2012, the company’s mission is to be the heart of every hotel’s winning revenue strategy. It aggregates and analyzes data in real-time, providing hotels—from boutique properties to global chains—with the most useful information. Technical integrations include more than 60 of the best software solutions in the industry. HQ revenue is a team of 35 international colleagues, many of them hotel industry experts.


YieldPlanet and OTA Insight have integrated Rate Insight and Price Optimizer RMS!

YieldPlanet and OTA Insight have integrated Rate Insight and Price Optimizer RMS!

YieldPlanet and OTA Insight have integrated Rate Insight and Price Optimizer RMS!

YieldPlanet, provider of advanced distribution tools for maximisation of the revenue in the hospitality industry and OTA Insight, the leading cloud-based data intelligence platform for the hospitality industry announce the integration of Rate Insight and Price Optimizer RMS.

Rate Insight is one of the most used rate shopping tools by YieldPlanet customers. Integrated solutions will build on the strengths of both partners and bring powerful functionalities to their common customers. Hoteliers using Rate Insight and Price Optimizer RMS products will be able to precisely automate their revenue management strategies on all connected channels against the market competition.

Price Optimizer remains the only RMS on the market with an integrated channel manager –  it not only dynamically calculates prices, availability and restrictions independently for each property, but also distributes them over channels in real-time.

During these challenging times, the competition between hotels is even stronger than before. Additionally, human resources are often limited. High-quality data usage and revenue management automation are a necessary factor for success in the hospitality industry. Both companies will continue the work on further integration and innovation of their products.

About OTA Insight

OTA Insight empowers hoteliers to make smarter revenue and distribution decisions through its market-leading suite of cloud-based business intelligence solutions including Market Insight, Rate Insight, Parity Insight and Revenue Insight. With live updates, 24/7 support from our customer success team, and a highly intuitive and customisable dashboard, the OTA Insight platform integrates with other industry tools including hotel property management systems, leading RMS solutions and data benchmarking providers.

OTA Insight’s team of international experts are based all over the world, including the UK, US, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Australia and India, and supports more than 50,000 properties in 168 countries. Named the UK’s 17th fastest-growing private technology company in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 in 2019, Number 103 in the FT/Statista list of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies in 2020,  Best Rate Shopping & Market Intelligence Solution in the 2020 HotelTechAwards, and Number 38 in the Sunday Times Sage Tech Track 100, OTA Insight is widely recognised as a leader in hospitality business intelligence.

Airbnb’s guide for software-connected hosts

Airbnb’s guide for software-connected hosts

Airbnb’s guide for software-connected hosts

We know this is a challenging time in the travel business, and there’s a lot of uncertainty around COVID-19 and how it will affect you and your hosting business. Understandably, many guests are concerned about booking future travel right now.
There are still many guests making reservations, but under different circumstances. Much higher demand for longer stays and flexible cancellation policies, and many hosts are opening their properties to COVID-19 responders.
Our partner Airbnb wants to help you get through this difficult time. They’re working to support you by giving you resources to do what you do best – providing excellent hospitality for guests around the world. Airbnb also launched a new site,, an online resource for hosts with valuable info including frequently asked questions, updates, and more.
Read on to discover how you can adapt your business, including tips for updating your settings to encourage guests to book now, cleaning guidelines, and how to open your space to COVID-19 responders.

YieldPlanet has become a Premier Partner for another year in a row

YieldPlanet has become a Premier Partner for another year in a row

YieldPlanet has become a Premier Partner for another year in a row

We are happy to inform that YieldPlanet has reached a Premier Partner Status in for 2020. is a leading OTA worldwide and a leader in measuring overall performance and grant standard, advanced and premier status to its channel manager partners. Yieldplanet has earned premier which highest status is granted for another year in a row.

Being a premier partner of is a great privilege and prize but also hard work in proving excellence in various areas. We are looking forward to 2020 opportunities that premier partnership brings to YieldPlanet and all its users.

During February event for premier partners in Amsterdam we were delighted to hear that is going to focus greatly on boosting hotel revenues this year as this is YieldPlanet’s goal as well.

“As an outstanding channel manager among the closest competitors, YieldPlanet keeps increasing hotels revenue through online channels and we will do our best to be on a growth path also in 2020.”

Paweł Rytel, Product Manager

All YieldPlanet users will benefit much from YieldPlanet’s premier partner status. YieldPlanet is granted not only fast and efficient premier support from but also a lot of business advice and growth opportunities. As a premier partner of we are obliged to deliver newest products supported by fast and stay in tune all the time.

“Delivering the highest quality of product requires from YieldPlanet constant activity in keeping IT infrastructure and all solutions in perfect health (condition) all the time. We are proud of being a leader in real time reservation delivery for YieldPlanet’s users as well as of pace of rates and allotment sending to”

Tomasz Fitulski, Chief Information Officer

YieldPlanet among Airbnb’s 2020 Preferred Software Partners

YieldPlanet among Airbnb’s 2020 Preferred Software Partners

YieldPlanet among Airbnb’s 2020 Preferred Software Partners

We are extremely happy to inform you that YieldPlanet has received Airbnb’s preferred partner status in New 2020.

“Airbnb’s Preferred partner status gives YieldPlanet the opportunity to work even closer with Airbnb Team on delivering better solutions to all channel manager users. I believe Preferred Partner status brings direct benefits to customers with improved connection quality and new features developed fast”, – Paweł Rytel, Product Manager, YieldPlanet

What does it mean for hoteliers and vacation rental owners?

In October of 2018 Airbnb launched the Preferred Software Partner program to provide relevant criteria by which they could measure and recognize best-in-class tools for all hosts. Airbnb’s preferred partner status requires software providers to meet stringent baseline standards in order to connect to be able to integrate and to provide an exceptional level of service.
This means that Airbnb strives to invest in strength and powerful integrations to ensure their hosts convenient, smooth and fast experience of the connection. Airbnb identifies the Preferred Software Partners twice each year as part of their recurring assessment process.

“In order to satisfy customers and keep Preferred Partner status YieldPlanet’s developers work constantly on making existing connection smarter and more advanced. We are happy to have a chance of working directly with Airbnb IT team and benefit from technical and business advice that is a part of Preferred Partner programme”, – Tomasz Fitulski, Chief Information Officer, YieldPlanet

Need help? If you have any question or if you want to connect your Channel Manager to Airbnb, contact our sales team to get more details.


Occupancy based pricing in

Occupancy based pricing in

Occupancy based pricing in

YieldPlanet as one of the first channel managers has been certified to use’s newly launched Occupancy Based Pricing.
All properties considering or requesting YieldPlanet as a provider in can now choose between default Standard pricing and newly launched Occupancy based pricing. Choosing best suited pricing model in any OTA is one of the key factors for property’s successful performance and number of reservations in the future.

In’s Occupancy Based Pricing rates per each occupancy are defined individually and stay fully flexible. Until now property managers could define fixed percentage or value relation between number of adults that can be accommodated within the same room type. With Occupancy Based Pricing there is no need for any fixed rate relation between prices any more. Take triple room for example – from now on you can insert fully independent rates for 1, 2 or 3 adults accommodated within the room. No rate linkeage within is required with newly launched pricing model.

Switching to occupancy based pricing should be considered by customers working with PMS or price optimizing RMS systems in which occupancy rates can be managed individually.’s Occupancy Based Pricing has been long awaited by the industry as some of its main competitors already supports this feature. New pricing model by can boost hotel revenues and make cooperation with even more beneficial for professionally managed, savvy and revenue oriented properties.


Do you want to learn more about Occupancy Based Pricing or YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager? Please, contact us and we provide you more explanations and some extra offers:

Airbnb promotions available in Channel Manager

Airbnb promotions available in Channel Manager

Airbnb promotions available in Channel Manager

We are happy to announce that YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager will be supporting Airbnb promotions from now on.

It has been immense product development on our side due to the complexity of how the promotions are constructed. There can be multiple Airbnb promotions created for the same dates and apartments, so YieldPlanet’s Dev and Product Teams have been working on large-scale amount of data with a lot of complex interrelations. Unlike the promotions set in most conventional OTA channels which are set as new rate plan, the promotions in Airbnb are applied as discounts to the main and only rate. What is more Airbnb promotions are managed from a channel manager only.

Promotions supported via YieldPlanet include minimum stay deals, advance purchase discounts, last minute offers, as well as seasonal deals. Additionally, they can be managed for each apartment separately, which makes the entire solution extremely flexible for channel manager users.

Developing Airbnb promotions opens up YieldPlanet Channel Manager plans to develop similar solutions at other big OTAs.

Read our blog to keep up to date with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager product development.

How to map an AirBnb in YP’s Channel Manager?

How to map an AirBnb in YP’s Channel Manager?

How to map an AirBnb in YP’s Channel Manager?

Airbnb is one of the key platform that allow you to reach out to your potential customers from Poland, as well as the most remote locations of the world. Airbnb is a hugely popular platform and, for many travelers, the first choice in the search for a place to stay. It is therefore a good idea to include it into your distribution strategy. Particularly, because you can easily map it with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager. How do you do this? Let us walk you through the process.

Step 1 – create and Airbnb account

To map Airbnb with Channel Manager by YieldPlanet, you need to create an account on your partner’s platform. To do this, go to and select the tab “Register now”. You can register using your own email address. While completing the profile, you will be asked to submit some key information, such as: payment method and information on the VAT. You will also need to verify you account’s data – identity, email address and telephone number. Don’t worry, it will only take a few minutes. Creating an account is free.

Step 2 – prepare your offer

YieldPlanet does not transfer data to individual sales channels connected to the Channel Manager, so you will need to create offers for you facility directly in your Airbnb account. Remember to do it before connecting Airbnb to Channel Manager – all offers can then be automatically loaded and you can start monitoring the efficiency of your new sales channel. How to create offers? Go to the “Host” tab in your profile and click on “Create New Listings”.

Step 3 – connect your Airbnb account with YieldPlanet

In the last step you will connect your new Airbnb account with Channel Manager. To do so, make sure that you’re logged in to your Airbnb account, then log into your account in YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager. Go to the “Partners” tab, find partner labelled AirBnBXML2 and go to editing. Fill out login data (user name and password) as well as Hotel’s ID (Airbnb account ID that you will find after logging to extranet in the “Profile/Account Settings” tab, in the URL address). In the field “Partner Class” select „AirBnBXML2 (145)” from the list, then fill out “Hotel ID” field – here you should put Airbnb account ID (you will find it in the URL of your Airbnb profile). After you have completed filling out the profile, you can authorize YieldPlanet as your Channel Manager.

Having authorised the YP, go again to the “Partners” tab and click on “Get all rooms” to connect AirBnBXML2. This procedure will let you load all listings that you’ve created in the previous step to the Channel Manager. Next, following the same procedure, source all price lists. In the next step prepare AirbnbXML2 mapping and activate your partner in the Channel Manager by clicking on “Activate” button. Your account should be active within 8 hours. In case your offers are not active in the Airbnb extranet after 8 hours, inform us about this fact immediately by writing to

Why should I connect to Airbnb?

Every day over 2 million customers stays in facilities booked via Airbnb. Airbnb will help you reach out to a new group of customers, who are not frequent hotel guests. However – though the portal was created for owners of apartments and representatives of the short-term rental market – hoteliers can also use the Airbnb offers, provided they offer extraordinary conditions in their facilities and tend to the customers personally. This solution is particularly appealing to owners of boutique hotels and guesthouses, as Airbnb attracts mostly customers searching for unique experiences. Therefore, chain hotels can find using Airbnb as a sales channel much more difficult. Read more on Airbnb website.

All Airbnb offers can be assigned to one of the three following home types:

  • Entire place: guests have the entire space to themselves (usually includes a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen).
  • Private rooms: guests have their own private room for sleeping and may share some spaces with others
  • Shared rooms: guests sleep in a space that is shared with others and share the entire space with other people.

Connecting Airbnb with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager helps you automate your sales on one hand, and better protect yourself against overbooking on the other. Airbnb checks facility / room availability with Channel Manager before completing the booking. Should the response sent in real-time be positive, it will pass all the bookings further.

You might also be interested in reading:

Airbnb – switch to a new connection
The best apartment rental websites

Alternative Hotel and Vacation Rental Listing Websites

Alternative Hotel and Vacation Rental Listing Websites

Alternative Hotel and Vacation Rental Listing Websites

You’re probably familiar with the top listing sites for your region. But do you know these alternative sites? Check these categories to see if they can make your distribution more effective.

1. Specialists in set Markets

Looking for channels popular in North America? Are you familiar with CanadaStays or HotelTonight? They are popular in Canada and the US.

Having good weather all year round and fabulous beaches in their country, Brazilian travelers are rather interested in glamour, prestige gastronomy, as well as cultural and historical attractions. And they love shopping. How about Despegar to reach travelers from Latin America?


[et_bloom_locked optin_id=”optin_3″]

Ostrovok, a very well-known OTA in Russia.

Being a company operating globally, but established in Poland, we know all of the biggest players in our region. Looking for channels from the CEE to work with? Check Group or

For Scandinavian guests, try HotelSpecials or BookingSweden.

Customers in Spain often use El Corte Inglés to book their trips. You can also go even more local and connect with Barcelona Turisme or BarceloViajes. For more tourists from the Iberian region check Jumbo, SEHRS, Marsol, edreams Odigeo or Europlayas.

Last but not least, Asia. According to the World Travel Monitor, outbound trips from Asia increased by 8% between January and August 2018 and has kept good dynamics ever since. Maybe it is time for you to include Ctrip, AsiaTravel or Traveloka in your strategy?

2. Specialists for specific Travellers

If you offer weekend packages, then Wonderweekend would be an option.

Business travelers spend on average more than leisure travelers. To reach business clients check one of these channels: Hotelbeds, Jac, Miki Travels, OuiBusiness, MagicStay

As your income raises, so do the standard expectations. To reach the most demanding group of well-off guests, take a look at: Prestigia, LifeStyleHotels or Mr & Mrs Smith.

3. Specialists for specific Properties

Are you a property management company? Check ServicedApartmentsWorldwide as an alternative to Airbnb to have more reservations for your apartments.


Malvern Group ceases trading

Malvern Group ceases trading

Malvern Group ceases trading

Malvern Group incorporating Superbreak Mini Holidays Limited and Late Rooms Limited has filed a Notice of Intention to Appoint an Administrator on 1st August 2019 and have ceased trading with immediate effect. Both firms had about 53,000 customers between them, involving 20,000 bookings. The collapse has been widely commented in the British media.

Malvern Group said about 400 Super Break customers were on holiday in the UK or overseas.

Super Break was a member of Abta and, according to the travel trade body, most customers should be able to get a refund. Those already away should be able to continue with their holiday as normal.

However, people who booked accommodation-only through Super Break are being asked to pay again, because Malvern Group has cancelled those bookings and only package trips are financially covered through Abta.

Superbreak Mini Holidays Limited

Superbreak Mini Holidays Limited is not accepting any further bookings.

For customers with bookings due to travel beyond 1st August 2019 or currently on a break: if you have made a booking with a travel agent/partner, you should contact the travel agent/partner in the first instance.

The contact center is no longer operational and therefore will not be available for further queries.

Hotel-Only Breaks

Forthcoming bookings are now cancelled. If you are currently on a break, you may be asked to pay again, so ensure you keep your receipt.

As your reservation was Hotel-Only, it is recommended that where you have paid by credit/debit card that you contact your bank/credit card provider.

Package Bookings (Excluding Flight Inclusive Breaks)

As you had made a package booking with Superbreak Mini Holidays Limited, your break should be financially protected by ABTA – The Travel Association.

Further information can be found at

Flight Inclusive Breaks and Incredible North Iceland Charter

As you have made a reservation for a flight inclusive break which is covered by the Civil Aviation Authority ATOL scheme, you should visit page for more information.

Super Break Gift Vouchers and Entertainment/Attraction Tickets Only

These services are no longer valid/accepted. It is recommended that where you have paid by credit/debit card that you contact your bank/credit card provider.

This service is now cancelled. As your reservation was for entertainment/attraction ticket only, it is recommended that where you have paid by credit/debit card that you contact your bank/credit card provider.

Late Rooms Limited (Trading as

In relation to your forthcoming booking(s), acted as an agent on behalf of your accommodation supplier, therefore it is anticipated that your reservation is secure and your payment will be taken by the accommodation supplier either in advance (for non-refundable reservations) or at the property.


It is recommended, however, that you contact your accommodation supplier directly prior to travelling to confirm. To amend or cancel your booking you will need to contact the accommodation supplier directly.

The contact center is no longer operational and therefore will not be available for further queries.

For more information, click here. 

New connection:

New connection:

New connection:

YieldPlanet has a new connection to the Channel Manager with an OTA: offers the cheapest distribution channel for hotels to sell their room online and compete with other OTAs. The OTA channel aims at rebalancing the online distribution landscape. This is a 0% commission OTA – a free distribution channel, with main focus on hotels on the Asian market. Now the company wants to open up for the Europena market to reach new horizons.

“The integration process went smooth. We are happy to welcome in the group of our connectivity partners now” – says Tomasz Fitulski, Head of Implementations at YieldPlanet.

“We are delighted to be working with YieldPlanet and now be able to offer their clients the cheapest distribution channel available in the market.” – adds Yann Gouriou, co-founder and CEO of

More information for hotels interested to connect to can be found here.

Google Assistant revolutionises the hotel industry

Google Assistant revolutionises the hotel industry

Google Assistant revolutionises the hotel industry

Modern technology has established itself in hotels for good and it seems like this is unlikely to change in the near future. Quite the contrary: the expectations of guests and their shopping habits change quickly, forcing hotels to continually modify their offer and adjust their online distribution strategy. Another revolution is happening as we speak – the ability to book rooms with the use of virtual assistants. Right now, this functionality is only offered by the Mountain View giant, but due to the growing trend of using virtual assistants and dynamic development of such solutions it will not be long before its competitors rise to the challenge. 

Where did it all start?

The market for virtual assistant has been growing for several years now, and the battle for the position of the leader and creation of the most helpful assistant is becoming increasingly fiercer. It all started in 2011, when the world heard about virtual assistants for the first time during the official launch of the iPhone 4S. It was accompanied by the first appearance of Siri – an intelligent personal assistant which recognises the users’ natural speech, replies to their questions and performs the tasks it’s been entrusted with. While Siri’s capabilities were very limited at the time, the dynamic growth of the technology made it possible to surprise the users of Apple smartphones on a regular basis and implement new functionalities. It was not long before Apple’s competitors presented their own solutions. In 2014, Amazon’s Alexa debuted on the market and two years later so did Google Assistant. This moment initiated a real race whose goal remains unchanged to this day – to use artificial intelligence and process natural language so as to respond to requests of the increasingly demanding and innovation-hungry market.

Although the solution offered by the Mountain View giant is the youngest one, from the point of view of the hotel industry it is certainly the most interesting one. This is all due to the functionality presented to the global audience last January in Las Vegas during the largest consumer electronics fair in the world – CES 2019. Naturally, this refers to the ability to book hotel rooms with the use of Google Assistant. Although its functionalities are now available to users through various channels, including Google Home products, smart TVs, smartphones and even cars, the ability to book hotels is only available on mobile devices for the time being.

What does the ability to book hotel rooms mean for the hotel industry?

From the perspective of Google Assistant users, the new functionality is likely no breakthrough, but for hoteliers it is a real revolution for which they should start preparing now. There is already talk of it being a real turning point for the industry, one which will force hotels to quickly reorganise their existing distribution strategies in line with the “adapt or die” principle. It will pose a major threat to facilities resistant to new technologies, but for the ones which readily and quickly adapt to the changing environment it will be a chance for dynamic growth and acquisition of a greater share in the market. It is also a good chance to defend or even increase the share of direct bookings.

There is no denying that the new possibilities will have a great impact on how users browse the Internet and plan their travels. The question is: how many of the bookings will be made using virtual assistants? Some studies indicate that we are approaching a real revolution in this field, as in the next two years voice searches may account for as much as half of all searches! Statista analysts believe that Google Assistant will greatly strengthen its position. While in 2017 the Google product could only boast a 25% share in the market in intelligent virtual assistants, in 2020 the share will amount to as much as 43%. At the same time, Alexa will suffer a drop from 62% to 34%. The remaining market players, on the other hand, will increase their share from 13% to 23%. Such major changes in the market share are mainly connected with the fact that virtual assistants are most often used on smartphones. The market in intelligent loudspeakers which Amazon is associated with is several times smaller than the mobile phone market. How much smaller? Google Assistant is currently used by more than a billion devices, which means an increase of 400 million compared with the previous year. In the case of Alexa, the statistics are much less impressive, as it is used by slightly more than 100 million devices.

The development of the market as well as the steadily growing number of devices which are connected to the Internet (Internet of Things) suggest that the change in customer habits in the scope of room bookings may significantly shake up the existing online distribution model and force both hotels and OTAs to redefine their existing strategies.

What exactly can Google offer?

Google’s competitive edge results mainly from the fact that the Mountain View giant has access to a massive database of hotel offers which neither Apple nor Amazon currently has. We can therefore assume that the new functionality offered by Google Assistant will constitute a major competitive advantage at least for a while. What does booking a room with the use of Google Assistant look like now?

Currently, the new functionality is only offered to English-speaking users of iOS or Android mobile devices who live in the United States. The booking process itself is extremely simple and intuitive and can be carried out both via text and voice input thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. For instance, when searching for a hotel room in Barcelona, the user only needs to say: “I need to book a hotel room in Barcelona,” and the assistant will ask about the date of stay and present a list of recommended facilities. In order to narrow it down, the user needs to provide the assistant with more details about their preferences – e.g. “Show only hotels close to the city centre with pools.”

The next step is selection of the facility where the user is planning to stay, which can be done both using voice and by clicking. A moment later, the assistant will present the available offers from various OTAs as well as from the hotel’s booking engine and ask the user to select one. Confirmation of the booking, preceded by a short overview of the booking and the related costs, lets the user proceed to the final step, i.e. payment for the booking (naturally, the recommended method is payment with Google Pay). Once the transaction has been finalised, the assistant informs the user that it was completed successfully and sends the booking details to their email address.

Can it be any simpler than that? It certainly can, but we will have to wait at least a couple of months for more details. The dynamic growth of the industry suggests that Google’s competitors will also start offering similar solutions and Google itself will continuously work on surprising its users more and more and offer an even more intuitive and customised travel planning experience.

New connection: Apaleo PMS

New connection: Apaleo PMS

New connection: Apaleo PMS

YieldPlanet has established a new connection with Apaleo. The two-way integration enables hoteliers to connect YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager directly from Apaleo’s store.

Apaleo is an easy-to-use property management system that connects to all your favorite hotel technology. With a simple set up and no upfront costs, hotels can be up and running in no time. Apaleo’s PMS is built with a connectivity layer (API) first approach. With this in mind, it`s the world`s only PMS where every single piece of data is accessible and available for the third-party integrations. Innovative, pre-integrated tools within the Apaleo store can be connected with the click of a button. With all of these tech pains out of the way, hotels can focus on leveraging technology to better serve guests, automate tasks, and increase revenue.

“When we started to build Apaleo, we wanted to make it simple for any system to integrate in just few seconds, without waiting times and additional costs.” said Andrea Stubbe, co-founder atApaleo.

“We are very excited for this two-way integration with YieldPlanet, which allows hoteliers to surpass the challenges of online distribution and revenue management.” said Andrea Stubbe, co-founder at Apaleo.

Two-way integration enables hoteliers to connect YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager directly from Apaleo’s store to deliver powerful, easy to use distribution and revenue management solutions.

“Various high-profile client requests from multiple markets have put the integration with Apaleo a high priority for us. Having our management team met Apaleo’s representatives at ITB in Berlin this March has confirmed that their product is extremely flexible to use and offers hoteliers who use it a fantastic PMS experience,” says Claudio Limacher, CEO at YieldPlanet.

Click here to see the full list of the partners YieldPlanet is integrated with.

YieldPlanet has established a new connection with Apaleo – the provider of a PMS solution of the new generation. The product is extremely flexible to use and integrate with other systems, and offers a fantastic PMS experience. In reply to various client requests, we are happy to have Apaleo among the PMSes we are integrated with. And guess what: these guys are huge fans of Avengers! How cool is that?

New connection: Smartbox Group

New connection: Smartbox Group

New connection: Smartbox Group

YieldPlanet has established a new connection with Smartbox Group – the pioneer European and worldwide leader in the experience gift market. YieldPlanet’s clients can connect to Smartbox and benefit from this platform. The connection allows YieldPlanet clients to have the reservations sent automatically to their PMS.

YieldPlanet has established a new connection with Smartbox Group – the pioneer European and worldwide leader in the experience gift market.

How does it work? Smartbox creates themed experience gift boxes in Stays, Gastronomic, Wellbeing and Adventure categories. These are presented to customers in retailers and online in high quality gift boxes, gift cards and e-boxes online. Hoteliers, with guidance from the Smartbox team, choose experience offers to promote in the gift boxes in retailers across Europe.

The boxes are purchased as gifts at seasons such as Christmas and Valentines Day. The recipient chooses an experience from all that are offered in the gift box. They select chosen property on, reserve and visit the chosen venue. The gift box voucher redeems automatically during the booking process, and Smartbox then reimburses the property.

The Smartbox Marketing Platform is an incremental, non-standard way to promote your hotel without cannibalising direct bookings, promoting your venue across 18,000 touchpoints in Europe.

Now, YieldPlanet’s clients can connect to Smartbox and benefit from this platform. The connection allows YieldPlanet clients to have the reservations sent automatically to their PMS.

About Smartbox
Smartbox Group operates in 11 European countries with 9 well-known brands (Bongo (BE/NL), Odisseias (PT), Red Letter Day & BuyAGift (UK), Dakotabox (ES, FR), and the European #1, Smartbox (IE, FR, ES, IT, DK, SE, CH) :
• selling 7 million gift experiences per year,
• retailing in 18,000 dept stores, electronic stores, hyper markets, and own brand stores across Europe
• working with over 42,000 partners worldwide (including 17,000 Hotels)

The company achieved a revenues of >€500 million in 2018.

What does Smartbox NOT do:
• Cannibalise existing channels
• Discount your rates
• Charge a set-up fee or membership fee

“As the market leader in gift experiences, Smartbox Group continues to be innovative. Our development team have worked hard at integrating Smartbox as a new channel with YieldPlanet, which has become our very first channel manager connection. Hotels now have easy stock management and the opportunity to boost their presence within the gift experience market and have access to 2 million room night bookings a year through Smartbox Group.” – says Riccardo Benvenuti, Trade Marketing Manager at Smartbox.

Not yet our client? Order Channel Manager and benefit from Yieldplanet’s partners’ offer.

Rate leakage: Hotelbeds wants to support hoteliers and property owners to prevent Rate Leakage

Rate leakage: Hotelbeds wants to support hoteliers and property owners to prevent Rate Leakage

Rate leakage: Hotelbeds wants to support hoteliers and property owners to prevent Rate Leakage

Redistributing of inventories and reselling offers from one channel on another is not a new thing but with the more widespread use the booking-basic rate on in European hotels since December 2018, the rate leakage topic has been fueled again.

A good summary of how booking basic works has been published first in July 2018 by our partner Mirai or by Triptease in a full white paper.

In summary, with OTA’s usage of leaked rates, hoteliers could have a serious parity issue which also could lead to a conversion issue on their direct channel. That is besides the issue of not respecting the restrictions on the wholesale and packaged rates.

Hotelbeds, one of the potentially accused providers of leaked rates, has recently entered the discussion by clearly opposing rate leakage. Hotelbeds is saying that they are not encouraging or supporting rates leakages and is not making available to any of these channels those FIT rates that are meant to be packaged. Additionally, the wholesaler assures to be taking a stance proactively to ensure that their customers don’t use those rates in that way. Hotelbeds will be watching out for anyone we feel is doing this and will take action where necessary to stop it, if necessary penalizing and disconnecting customers who take advantage, as the company understands and shares the concern or its hotel partners.

Hotelbeds also claims that it has recently taken two steps to proactively deal with this situation: first of all, segmenting their distribution by leveraging the advanced data analytics capabilities and secondly, significantly increasing the size of the team dedicated to monitoring this area. However, this is so far limited to FIT rates.

According to Sam Turner, Director of Wholesale Sales & Sourcing, Hotelbeds, the best way to prevent leakage is to work with fewer but better quality wholesale partners. It is important that their partner not only offers solutions to resolve this challenge, but that they also fully respect a hotel’s needs: only distribution partners with a long-term, win-win approach should be considered viable. The full interview with Sam Turner, Director of Wholesale Sales & Sourcing, Hotelbeds is available here. 

Has your property suffered from the negative consequences from rate leakages? Would you like to know more how to thoroughly control your online distribution? Get in contact with the expert team at YieldPlanet to discuss your individual online distribution. AV Resell Feature – new way handles cancellations AV Resell Feature – new way handles cancellations AV Resell Feature – new way handles cancellations has started testing the AV Resell Feature. This can be a great chance for properties which depend heavily on bookings from OTAs. informed us that they started testing the AV Resell Feature. With this feature, is reselling canceled rooms on its own. The idea is simple – holds canceled inventory for 24 hours and actively looks for a replacement for the same dates According to, the AV Resell Team even spends extra marketing efforts to do so. In case no replacement can be found, the canceled inventory is freed up and the cancellation is delivered to the property – however, with significant delay. According to, not all of the cancellations are covered with this experimental mechanism, but only those that fit certain criteria. YieldPlanet assumes this will most probably be high demand dates or dates with limited inventory. This new feature is currently being tested and not all hotels are affected at this point.’s experimental feature can boost its incomes, as the canceled inventory for high demand dates is usually very attractive. We assume that properties which depend heavily on bookings from OTAs would be delighted with this feature. For this group of hotels not only is the chance to get a replacement after cancellation bigger than in case of enabling inventory in a standard way, but also the replacement should exactly fit the canceled dates. According to, when reselling cancelled inventory to a new guest, the latest prices set by the hotel are being used – not the original rates from the cancelled reservation.

On the other hand, revenue-savvy managers might find the new feature of problematic for their properties. By holding the cancelled inventory for 24h, reduces the chances that this inventory can be resold on other OTAs or by the hotel directly. This feature does lead to the situation that a property receives reservations (modifications to be correct) for dates that are completely booked out. We can imagine the case where reception denies reservation for a loyal guest due to lack of inventory while still has the last room available on Most problematic, however, is the case when properties are oversold due to overbooking limits and the cancellations are not registered but resold by If the AV Resell Feature will be widely adopted, cancellation probability algorithms in various RMS’ will need to be adjusted for this new reality. allows for the AV Resell Feature to be turned off by contacting their account manager.

We at YieldPlanet think that new AV Resell Feature can be a great benefit for most hotels in particular in cases where the hotel still has enough inventory and is not overbooked. Turning the AV Resell Feature off would not be our recommended action.

With the Price Optimizer solution, YieldPlanet has the tools to give hoteliers full control over their distribution. The overbooking prevention feature let’s hoteliers automatically distribute a carefully adjusted sold-out price and MLOS whenever there is no availability left. With this feature and our highly adjustable distribution rules, Price Optimizer can give you back the control over your distribution – also the AV Resell Feature.

Get back control over your distribution now and sign up for Price Optimizer.

As a data provider to hundreds of channels in the hospitality industry, YieldPlanet is regularly involved in evaluating or testing new features introduced by our technology partners. Check our blog to be among the first to know about new OTA features.

YieldPlanet is a premium software provider focused on hotel distribution and channel management. It delivers powerful solutions to meet and surpass the challenges of distribution and revenue management. YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager is integrated with over 500 channels to help you reach a global market. Our partners include not only PMSes, but also OTAs, Sharing Economy OTAs, Tour Operators, wholesalers, CRSes, GDSes, RMSes, mobile apps, metasearches and booking engines.


YieldPlanet listed one of’s most trusted partners globally

YieldPlanet listed one of’s most trusted partners globally

YieldPlanet listed one of’s most trusted partners globally

We are excited to inform that YieldPlanet has been listed among’s most prestigious partners in the Connectivity Partner Programme for another consecutive year.

YieldPlanet has been included among 50 leading partners of globally to hold the position in the Premier Tier and as one in 6 in the category “Quality of connection” in the Connectivity Partner Programme for 2019.

“We are happy that YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager performs highest standards when it comes to the reliability of the connection, which results in high speed stability. Our ambition and business objective has always been to deliver the best quality of connection to our clients and this title proves we are doing everything to continuously raise our standards in this field.” – says Wojciech Borowy, board member of YieldPlanet S.A.

How does the connectivity Partner Programme work?

The Connectivity Partner Programme is aimed to reward the Connectivity Partners for their involvement in delivering better quality of service to and our clients. It has three levels: Standard, Advanced and Premier. Every Connectivity Partner is automatically enrolled at Standard level. Partners can move up to the next level by taking steps that help improve the performance of the partner’s properties and the experience of their guests.
At the end of every year, sets up the requirements for the following year’s Connectivity Partner Programme. The partners are evaluated in the following pillars:

Business value – how many new properties establish cooperation with the partner and, in effect, with, and how fast they grow in effect
Property performance – and YieldPlanet’s mutual effort in helping hoteliers and property owners benefit more from the connection with us in terms of property performance (conversion, cancellations, ranking, etc.)
Product & Quality – for integrations which help to manage properties easier, also for the speed and stability of the connection
Engagement – partner’s integration with in terms of programmes and processes that are established for mutual clients’ convenience. That includes cooperation on reporting, content and promotions.

“What is really this program all about? The way I see it is the fact that we all dedicate our efforts to maximize our customers’ revenue. Our job is to deliver diversified data to and to the customer – as fast as we can and with as little of errors. We research the flow, analyze it and turn it into the real thing that matters – right prices and availabilities. This makes us fast, efficient and -what’s most important – reliable to and Hotelier. The game is speed and accuracy. Slow kills, errors choke, quality, speed and accuracy win the game.” – emphasizes Wojciech Borowy.

Premier Partners are’s most highest-evaluated and most trusted partners.

More details about the programme you will find here.

We are looking forward to another year growing together!

YieldPlanet connects with Travelport Hotelzon

YieldPlanet connects with Travelport Hotelzon

YieldPlanet connects with Travelport Hotelzon

From now on, hoteliers can update their Travelgate extranet through YieldPlanet. Thanks to a partnership agreement between YieldPlanet and Hotelzone Travelport, hotels can increase profitability and drive commercial success across the business-to-business travel network.

We are now connected with Hotelzon Travelport.
Not sure what that means to you as hotel? Let us explain.

Thanks to the partnership agreement between YieldPlanet and Hotelzone Travelport, it is now workable for hoteliers to update their Travelgate extranet through YieldPlanet.

From one single point of control, hoteliers can now drive commercial success across the business-to-business (“B2B”). accessing bookings from 6,000 travel agencies worldwide via the Travelport GDS platform and reach over 15,000 corporate customers who make reservations through the system Hotelzon Online.

All in one, time effectively and with low distribution costs.

Yieldplanet has always minded for a new ideas to enhance development effectiveness. For this reason, engaging on a partnership with Hotelzon Travelport came as a natural decision. Our new partner is a true Travel Commerce Platform, which focuses on providing distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the $8 trillion global travel and tourism industry. It also enabling independent hotel properties to join GDS distribution in a cost-efficient way. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Travelport Hotelzon also offers a hotel booking solution which provides efficient tools for simplifying the corporate hotel booking process, implementing company travel policy, and control functions with real time reporting.

For hotels and agency partners the company delivers a suite of hotel distribution technology and services ranging from direct sales tools such as an online booking engine through to GDS distribution.

Nelson Boswell, an american writer, said: “Always give people more than they expect to get”.
We do value our business and relationship with our customers more than anything, and that is exactly why we are giving you the opportunity to benefit from this collaboration.
We are aware that some of YieldPlanet Channel Manager clients are not yet working with Travelgate. If you are our client and wish to know more about the benefits for your hotel, our support team will be happy to assist you.