Price Optimizer Update: Distribution Rules, Forecasting, and More 👾

Price Optimizer Update: Distribution Rules, Forecasting, and More 👾

We’re constantly improving Price Optimizer – more available data, more ways to analyze it, grow your business and meet revenue projections throughout the year. With that in mind, we’re excited to share our newest features:

  • New restriction options: Closed to Arrival and Closed to Departure
  • Improvements in Forecasting Tab
  • Send Email confirmation to guests directly from CRS
  • Pickup Reports merged – with more data

Closed to Arrival & Closed to Departure Restrictions

Closed to Arrival (CTA)

Your guests cannot arrive on a specific stay date. The blocked rooms cannot be booked for arrival but is available to book for guests who arrive before this date to stay in the hotel beyond this specific date. CTA restriction could be useful when arrival is not possible, for instance, on a weekday due to staff limitations or to restrict check-in for certain days like New Years’ Eve.

Closed to Departure (CTD)

Your guests cannot depart on a specific stay date. Similarly, this restriction has no influence on stays with previous arrival and overnight stays beyond this day.

Both CTA & CTD can be set up in Distribution Rules, flexible to particular rate plans, rooms, periods, etc.

Improvements in Forecasting Tab

Forecasting data in Price Optimizer is simply very important. But it was not simple to analyze. We redesigned the table to provide you with a clear way to understand, compare and utilize demand and revenue forecast data for each market segment, calculated for each stay date.

    In the future, we aim to provide a Forecast breakdown by Room Type Group and the option to export the tables to Excel.

    Send Email confirmation to guests directly from CRS 

    When you make a booking from CRS, the confirmation details are sent to your hotel. Now, you have the possibility to also send a booking confirmation directly to the guest.

    Guest email confirmation is available in 5 languages. Hotel logo can be included. The first version does not offer too many liberties to customize but we are happy to receive suggestions for a later version. To turn this feature on, please contact your Key Account Manager.

    Pickup Reports merged – with more data

    Pickup Daily & Pickup Monthly reports can be found together in the Reports tab > Pickup. We did it to keep data points consistent, meaning:

    • Pickup Monthly report, in addition to Room Nights, Revenue & ADR pickups, now also showcases Occupancy %, Room Night, Revenue & ADR totals

    • Breakdown by segments is optional, which reflects on exported to Excel data

    If you have any questions or issues, please contact or Key Account Manager.

    Missed any update? Click here for all our latest Price Optimizer releases.

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    YieldPlanet is opening a new office in the Canary Islands

    YieldPlanet is opening a new office in the Canary Islands

    YieldPlanet is proud to announce that it is increasing its footprint by opening a new office in the Canary Islands together with AiboSolutions. The new office located in Las Palmas signifies YieldPlanet’s continued growth and development.

    “The promotion and distribution of hotels in the Canary Islands are very different from the hotels in other parts of Spain: high season, distribution channels, type of offer, imperative need to combine accommodation with air travel, etc. I have always been convinced that to provide a high-level service in the Canary Islands, it would be necessary to have a local team of support and management representatives. And I am glad to have this accomplished.”

    Roberto Sanchez

    Head of Sales in Spain, YieldPlanet

    Find us at: Hotel Cristina by Tigotan Las Palmas, Gomera, 6, 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain

    YieldPlanet is a strong team of experienced and highly competent experts. Every day we are contributing to making our clients’ lives easier and successful and we are very proud to work jointly to complete our mission. 

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    YieldPlanet is taking part in the Kit Digital program

    YieldPlanet is taking part in the Kit Digital program

    YieldPlanet, together with Gestion Revenue, is taking part in the Kit Digital program, which aims to digitalize small businesses in Spain. The main objective of the program is to support the implementation of digital solutions that help companies significantly improve their level of digital maturity. Learn how to apply and how to get the maximum benefit out of the Kit Digital program with YieldPlanet.

    Kit Digital is an initiative of the Spanish Government, with the aim of subsidizing the implementation of digital solutions available on the market to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity. This initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, is financed by the European “Next Generation EU” funds within the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan.

    Kit Digital subsidizes digital solutions oriented to the needs of small businesses, micro-enterprises, and self-employed workers, belonging to any sector or type of business.

    The YieldPlanet Channel Manager and Price Optimizer solutions can be subsidized by the digital kit through the management of our Spanish subsidiary.

    This is a great opportunity both for all those small establishments that have not yet taken the step towards digitalization and automation of their online distribution with Channel Manager; and above all for those that already use the basic solutions (PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine) but want to make a differential leap and start working with Price Optimizer (RMS), optimize their prices, perfect and automate their revenue management to obtain a qualitative leap in their revenue per room.

    Whether you have already checked that your business is eligible for this program or you have not yet done so, you can request more information using this form.

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    Manage Expedia promotions via YieldPlanet

    Manage Expedia promotions via YieldPlanet

    We are happy to announce that from now on, Expedia promotions can be managed via YieldPlanet. Promotions set in most OTAs require creating additional rate plans and modifying mappings in your channel manager. Unlike most OTAs, Expedia promotions are easily managed by defining promotional rules calculated from the main rate.

    Start your Expedia promotions in 3 easy steps described below:

    1. Proceed to YieldPlanet Promotions tab in the Setup menu and select Expedia from the drop-down list.


    2. Click ‘Add’ and define the promotion type.
    Promotion types available:

    • Options for a single discount, day-of-the-week and multi-night.
    • Same-day-deal offers last-minute travelers a one-time discount off your lowest-priced room.
    • Early booking offers a discount to travelers who book early on dates that you choose.
    • Minimum and maximum lengths of stay may be set for all promotion types to apply.

    3. Define the conditions and start your promotion.


    Follow simple guide instructions to learn how to attach tags to a promotion for effective merchandising, set the target group and manage other settings:

    Single promotions offer percentage-based discounts (between 1 – 75%) for all nights of a stay (such as 10% off)

    Day-of-week promotions are applicable for specific days of the week within the travel window (such as Mondays at 10%, Tuesdays at 12%, and so on) to help manage occupancy fluctuations

    Multi-night promotions for extended lengths of stay to reward travelers who stay longer (such as “Stay 3 nights and get the 3rd night at 40% discount”). This type of promotion is unique for Expedia.

    You can attach tags to a promotion for effective merchandising on the points of sale by tagging promotion as Same-day-deal, early booking, or basic deal.
    Additionally once creating a promotion please specify whether it would be targeted to Expedia customers (member-only deal) or to all travelers searching through mobile devices (mobile discount).

    Looking for Channel Manager, which will perfectly suit your property and meet all your needs? Check what YieldPlanet offers and contact our team to let us match you with the best solution on the market.

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    Sell more with high-quality visual content | Part I

    Sell more with high-quality visual content | Part I

    Visual content is an irreplaceable tool in the age of visual culture, which every hotel can use to inspire guests to book their stay. High-quality photos can make your marketing content go from good to great and give your bookings a leg up. Along with prices, images are the first thing online visitors look at, so do not underestimate the power of visual content in the new year and try something outstanding and original to keep your property visible and prosperous. Learn how to sell more in the new era, by turning visual content into a calling card of your property just in a few steps. 

    1. Set up Your Space
    First thing first: take the time to tidy up your rooms for a better look before you start. No photo editing program will save you from the mess. Focus on the main things and make sure that the photo will represent the essence of the room, its design, and its atmosphere. Guests should see all features that can be found in that particular room type or apartment. Slightly rearrange furniture, open or close windows, set chairs nicely around a table, add flowers, fix curtains these simple things will do magic for your photos. But don’t get carried away too much: beware that the rooms should look about the same way in the photos as they do in reality. If you move or change furniture too much, add things that are not in the room when guests arrive, it will make them feel deceived.

    2. Make the light your best friend
    It’s a well-known fact that lighting is one of the key factors in photography. Lighting can completely change a space – its size, color palette, or even initial purpose. It can expose the benefits, emphasize the current atmosphere and creative design, or show all disadvantages in the first place. Before getting straight to the photo shooting, consider what your traveler is looking for: coziness, creativity, or maybe community spirit, and think about how you can broadcast it via camera. 
    Avoid artificial light that casts blue or orange shadows in the room. It is better to use natural light instead, which comes into the room through the door and windows, to make your room look bright enough.
    The most suitable light for the exterior shooting can be caught shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. During these periods of the day, light is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. They call this phenomenon a golden or magic hour in the photography world. The brightness of the sky matches the streetlights, signs and helps to create beautiful volume pics.

    3. Choose the Right Perspective & Angle
    The right perspective is a big deal in photography. While making a photo, consider various angles to bring out the best features of your property. If your room is small, find the best angle for it to look a bit bigger. The best place to take a photo of a small room is an entrance (doorway). For a better result use a wide-angle lens. 
    Even the most basic meeting rooms have a visual element. Try to find it and use it to expose the best of the place: a great view from the big windows, a flat lay of pencils, notepads and gadgets, modern furniture, a big monitor for the presentations, etc. 
    Remember that you can control what the viewer sees, so try to answer yourself following questions every time you take a photo. This will help you to present all the facilities of the room to your future guests in the best way.
    – What am I trying to show off through the photos? 
    – What is unique about my property/this particular room? 
    – What would I personally appreciate seeing in the photos before making a reservation?
    – Will I avoid questions about basic things for staying (bed, bathroom, toiletries, towels, etc) with these photos?

    4. Highlight What’s Outside the Room
    Let people see the bigger picture – become their local guide by using photos to highlight places and attractions outside the hotel room. Start from your property: take some snaps of the reception desk with the staff, the restaurant during breakfast or the crowded kitchen with the busy chefs, or even corridors, which lead to the window with a great view. Include nice add-ons to your facility: SPA, swimming pool, amazing views, multi-level parking, etc. Move beyond the room: help your potential guests to experience the place during their stay at your hotel. Share the photos of everything you find interesting – sea and beautiful beaches, amusement parks, museums, bars, or restaurants with good local food.
    If you don’t want to update your photos too often, avoid showing technology items such as computers, phones, or cars. As technology is developing fast, all of these can quickly date your photos and question their accuracy.

    5. People Who Make Your Property Special
    Your staff is something, which eventually makes guests come back time and again. But what if your staff could not only bring back regular customers but also invite brand new travelers? So why don’t you get to know them before the first arrival then?
    Take a photo of your bartender holding a drink he has just made or your spa therapist during the manicure making for guests. Pick the photos that look natural, so guests can see the faces and names of people that bring your hotel to life every single day. Remember to ask your employees for permission to place their photos online.

    6. Expose your Unique Selling Points (USP)
    Think about what the benefits of your property are and what makes it so unique so the guests would choose it over something else. Do you already have something in mind? Great, those things are your unique selling points.
    Since you already know them, now try to highlight them all in your photos. Show your website visitors all the advantages of staying at your place. It could be everything that you are proud of in your property: a beautiful garden, excellent wellness services, outstanding location, organic food, etc.

    Download a free checklist, which can help you to implement all the advice to convert your visual content into a selling machine and profit more. Discover what hints you should take into consideration to improve your visual content strategy now.

    Get the free checklist and start to sell more!

    Download a checklist by leaving your email here:



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    A second wind for your distribution strategy

    A second wind for your distribution strategy

    Author: Agnieszka Chacińska, KAM at YieldPlanet

    Designing a winning distribution strategy is not an easy task. It is not even a one-time task – it is a process. The distributional strategy must respond to the constantly changing needs of customers and the market itself. It also needs to be constantly improved to maximize the profit of the hotel. How can you improve your current distribution strategy?

    1) Define your channel mix for market and segments you target (check our suggestions):
    To build a successful online distribution strategy you have to think not only about markets you want to target, but also segments of clients that may be interested in your offer. Once you define who you want to attract, concentrate on building tailor-made strategy for specific target groups. Different channels will work well for business clients, and different for individual tourists or tour groups. The better you know the clients you want to attract – their needs, lifestyle, demographic, and preferred booking methods the easier it will be for you to design a winning online distribution strategy.

    2) Test new channels
    To optimize your revenue management strategy, you should concentrate on promoting direct reservations, strengthening your presence in most important OTAs, but at the same time continuously explore new channels that may help you in growing your business. Hospitality trends change over time – and so should your revenue management strategy. Stay tuned, compare KPIs across all channels, optimize existing ones, and don’t be afraid to experiment with adding new OTAs. Use your Channel Manager to manage everything from one point of control.

    3) Make sure your offer for direct guest is at least as good as on OTAs
    The fact is that OTA-based guest acquisition is costly. How to convert OTA reservations to direct ones? Make sure your offer for direct guests is at least as good as on OTAs. Ideally, it should be even better. Think about some exclusive benefits – best rate guarantee, late checkout, special treatment during check-in or entire stay (e.g. extra discounts on SPA treatments or dining). You may also think about introducing a loyalty program and definitely about the right post stay targeting campaign.

    4) Use knowledge of Booking Windows in your distribution strategy
    By understanding booking windows that are specific for every single hotel, market and segment, revenue manager can adjust prices accordingly and as a result reach high occupancy and maximize hotel’s revenues. Check the average booking window and the peak booking time for your property and customers segments and use this information when designing your pricing strategy.

    The development of professional competencies is a necessary thing in our industry and very important to me personally. Several years of experience, knowledge, skills in the field of Revenue Management, and achieved CRME title allow me to provide YieldPlanet clients with the best knowledge, which they exactly need and carry forward their business. I think that it is very important for our customers using Price Optimizer to be aware that they cooperate with RM experts.

    Agnieszka Chacińska

    KAM, YieldPlanet

    YieldPlanet is a strong team of experienced and highly competent experts. Every day we are contributing to making our clients’ lives easier and successful and we are very proud to work jointly to complete our mission. 

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    YieldPlanet April Integrations

    YieldPlanet April Integrations

    We are very proud to be integrated with nearly 500 partners, and the list of our connections is constantly growing. Meet our latest integrations, which can help you to develop a daily routine, achieve much more and get much better results from your work:


    Hotellion PMS is a smart property management system designed to support hotel operations in the most efficient way.
    The PMS contains modules for managing both individual and group reservations. Users can control all hotel events as well as invoicing and benefit from real-time financial analytics. Thanks to the integration with external providers such as YieldPlanet Channel Manager, hotels can easily distribute to numerous OTAs, wholesalers, and tour operators maximizing direct reservations at the same time.

    SynergyBooking is a powerful booking engine specially developed to take your direct sales to the next level.
    Our integration has the efficiency of both technologies, fully integrable, agile, and user friendly, achieving more direct reservations for your hotel with a reliable and simple reservation process.


    Passepartout PMS makes it possible to keep all activities under control: rooms, restaurant, conference centre, bar, pool, beach, equipment, and any kind of rental spaces.
    PMS modules are developed to increase the profitability of the business by improving staff efficiency and, at the same time, streamlining hotel procedures thanks to the connection of the software with the different systems present in the hotel.


    ODEON PMS is a Turkish hotel management system designed for individual hotels and hotel chains. ODEON has been successfully serving premium exclusive hotels in Turkey for over 20 years now. The company’s mission is to produce high-quality software with new generation technologies, to offer solutions supporting hotel success, and to increase profitability in a dynamic hotel environment by granting access to accurate and timely information.

    Our partners and we are constantly evolving and adapting to the market requirements to be even more useful to you. In light of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis faced by the people living there, our partners, and Airbnb are enabling their clients in certain countries to support refugees by offering them a place to stay for free or at a significantly reduced rate. allows partners with properties located in certain countries to offer refugees leaving Ukraine a place to stay for free or at a significantly reduced rate. To do so, they can create a Ukraine Refugee Rate for their property. Of course, will waive the commission fee for these reservations. The special rate currently applies for bookings and stays until June 30, 2022.

    airbnb offers free, short-term housing for up to 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine, and they need your help to achieve this. There is an imminent need for short-term accommodation and people who open their homes in nearby countries, including Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, France, Netherlands, UK, and Ireland. Here’s how you can help by hosting or donating.

    To learn more about of each of connection YieldPlanet is integrated with, visit Interactive Integration list or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with hospitality news. 

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    Connect directly with Agoda and increase your production globally!

    Connect directly with Agoda and increase your production globally!

    The new Partnership can be activated FREE OF CHARGE until the end of your subscription period, even in case you reached the maximum number of channels with your Channel Manager.
    Hurry up – Special offer is limited in time! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

    Agoda is a truly a global OTA with over 2 million accommodation partners spanning across all continents.

    By loading direct rates, Agoda can make sure your inventory gets the true global reach and production it deserves via better placement and marketing opportunities, which are currently not available to you. Their goal is to provide your hotel with the right customer at the right price and right time to build a mutually beneficial partnership.

    Agoda unique value & Performance:

    • Market Leader in Asia-Pacific and US – Growing fast in Europe
    • Active Marketing on Agoda and Priceline
    • Competitive commission – No extra fees
    • Average length of stay 2.8 days.
    • Average lead time over 30 days.

    How to activate Agoda?

    1. Go to the CHM Dashboard
    2. Click on the Agoda banner


    3. Sign the contract and wait for instructions


    The Agoda and YieldPlanet onboarding teams will then help to create your profile and start taking bookings.

    Airbnb’s guide for software-connected hosts

    Airbnb’s guide for software-connected hosts

    Airbnb’s guide for software-connected hosts

    We know this is a challenging time in the travel business, and there’s a lot of uncertainty around COVID-19 and how it will affect you and your hosting business. Understandably, many guests are concerned about booking future travel right now.
    There are still many guests making reservations, but under different circumstances. Much higher demand for longer stays and flexible cancellation policies, and many hosts are opening their properties to COVID-19 responders.
    Our partner Airbnb wants to help you get through this difficult time. They’re working to support you by giving you resources to do what you do best – providing excellent hospitality for guests around the world. Airbnb also launched a new site,, an online resource for hosts with valuable info including frequently asked questions, updates, and more.
    Read on to discover how you can adapt your business, including tips for updating your settings to encourage guests to book now, cleaning guidelines, and how to open your space to COVID-19 responders.

    How to protect your business from the Coronavirus pandemic

    How to protect your business from the Coronavirus pandemic

    How to protect your business from the Coronavirus pandemic

    The hospitality industry is particularly affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Number of reservations is rapidly going down, some hotels are forced by law to close temporarily. However, some positive prognosis says that this situation is temporary and will last several weeks, as far as all measures have been taken. This cannot but encourage hoteliers and vacation rental managers to keep monitoring the market development very closely in order to spot opportunities when they arise.

    Following practices would help you to continue maintaining your property in business and to overcome the difficulties which coronavirus could bring:

    • The first step you should take to ensure that your business remains viable is to create and implement an emergency strategy for your property, as well as forecasting and productivity enhancements. Build a profit protection plan with your executive team; have a clear revenue management direction to avoid reckless discount actions to reduced demand.
    • Your Channel Manager should keep on running. People postpone their holidays but once the situation is under control hoteliers and vacation rental managers may expect many last minute bookings. Moreover, some people are still making reservations, so they (reservations) could come from different sources, which hoteliers would not usually expect them to.
    • Stay in touch with your customers. Keep informing your guests about how they can protect themselves in your hotel and facilitate their needs for additional hygienic care. 
    • Provide appropriate human resource management and take health measures to protect your employees. Maintain relationships with service providers to inform each other about epidemic-related issues.
    • Focus on the long term to be ready when business picks up. Update the reforecast weekly, monitor how it is reflected on your cashflow.
    • Concentrate distribution more on domestic markets – advertise your alternative services to local citizens. Protect your public rates and use non-restrictive cancellation policies
    • Manage your existing customer base well. Use silent time to organize your database. Fulfill the missing information, make updates, segment your customer base properly. 
    • List all your costs to be sure that your expenses are within your budget borders. Create an emergency budget plan which will help you to avoid unexpected expenses and save funds.  

    Now is the time to take actions that make sense for your business in this challenging period: brainstorm ideas, innovation solutions, special approaches. Besides it is time to take care of your team, customers and yourself. Travelling is a present-day lifestyle. We stay optimistic that demand for accommodation services will improve as fast as soon as the situation improves.

    Want to talk to us right away? We’re happy to help via email if you need immediate assistance.

    YieldPlanet among Airbnb’s 2020 Preferred Software Partners

    YieldPlanet among Airbnb’s 2020 Preferred Software Partners

    YieldPlanet among Airbnb’s 2020 Preferred Software Partners

    We are extremely happy to inform you that YieldPlanet has received Airbnb’s preferred partner status in New 2020.

    “Airbnb’s Preferred partner status gives YieldPlanet the opportunity to work even closer with Airbnb Team on delivering better solutions to all channel manager users. I believe Preferred Partner status brings direct benefits to customers with improved connection quality and new features developed fast”, – Paweł Rytel, Product Manager, YieldPlanet

    What does it mean for hoteliers and vacation rental owners?

    In October of 2018 Airbnb launched the Preferred Software Partner program to provide relevant criteria by which they could measure and recognize best-in-class tools for all hosts. Airbnb’s preferred partner status requires software providers to meet stringent baseline standards in order to connect to be able to integrate and to provide an exceptional level of service.
    This means that Airbnb strives to invest in strength and powerful integrations to ensure their hosts convenient, smooth and fast experience of the connection. Airbnb identifies the Preferred Software Partners twice each year as part of their recurring assessment process.

    “In order to satisfy customers and keep Preferred Partner status YieldPlanet’s developers work constantly on making existing connection smarter and more advanced. We are happy to have a chance of working directly with Airbnb IT team and benefit from technical and business advice that is a part of Preferred Partner programme”, – Tomasz Fitulski, Chief Information Officer, YieldPlanet

    Need help? If you have any question or if you want to connect your Channel Manager to Airbnb, contact our sales team to get more details.


    Basic features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager Part II

    Basic features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager Part II

    Basic features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager Part II

    Since YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager market entry in 2009, the tool has been constantly developed so as to adapt the technology to the needs and expectations of the hotel sector. All this to provide a better and user-friendly solution.

    Today, YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager enjoys the position of one of the most complete online distribution tools on the market, chosen by Revenue Managers in hundreds of hotels around the world.

    In our previous article, entitled “Basic features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager (part I)”, we analyzed 6 functions of the tool and benefits of using it, i.e.:

    • Possibility to manage online reservations from one control point
    • Possibility to synchronize the Channel Manager with all data sources
    • Price and availability management as well as transferring the availability to the most often reserved room types.
    • Support for complex and flexible distribution strategies
    • Adaptable to any type of hotel
    • Quick implementation of Channel Manager in every hotel

    In this article, we will discuss 5 more practical features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager.

    Basic features of the YieldPlanet Channel Manager

    Easy-to-use tool – all in one place and alert system, so you don’t miss anything

    Update all prices on channels synchronized with Channel Manager, quickly find everything you need from one interface.

    Channel Manager is currently available in 11 languages, making it more user-friendly for users spread all around the world, and new language versions are added along with the tool updates.

    User management is another feature that makes the tool easier to use. Hotel manager can create new users directly in the tool and grant each user limited permissions, depending on the specific depending on specific profile of employees. The activity of each user is monitored, with easy access to each user’s operations history, should you need one.

    The tool offers various options of notifications about unavailable dates, which simplifies availability management. It also has an alert function for significant system events or required actions. You will also be notified by e-mail about any important issues.

    Price control – simple price and rate plan management

    Increasing revenues in your property requires constant control, evaluation and analysis of prices, as well as availability in various online channels.

    With YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager you can count on a comprehensive tool in your revenue management strategy that will allow you to easily manage your rates and rate plans, and make informed and accurate price decisions.

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager provides instrument to calculate prices based on complex formulas and provides price grids that allow you to create dozens of different price scenarios and fast price adjustments.

    Channel Manager will convert prices Into multiple rate plans based on introduced formulas. Simply select the rooms, rate plans, and enter the mathematical formulas, and the Channel Manager will automatically compute prices for all rooms, reducing the error margin when managing prices.

    The Channel Manager also makes possible to individually manage availability of each rate plan.

    Global solution – almost 500 integrations to achieve greater coverage

    YieldPlanet is integrated with almost 500 channels to help you reach the global market. Our partners are OTA, tour operators, wholesalers, PMS, CRS and GDS hotel systems, RMS revenue management tool, price comparison websites and popular booking engines, which hotels use on their own websites.

    We currently support almost 100 PMS systems, simplyfing daily operations of many thousands of properties that can rely on efficient communication between their property management system and the Channel Manager. This communication includes, among others, the distribution of real room availability from PMS into Channel Manager and automated in sending reservations back to hotel PMS.

    Customized integrations via API provide opportunity to access new markets easily.Your property can benefit from building its own solution using YieldPlanet’s open API.

    Security – a tool ensuring user security in accordance with the PCI and GDPR standards

    One of the most important functions of any tool is to ensure secure data transfer. YieldPlanet meets the PCI and GDPR standards by constantly adapting its tools to new challenges in the field of data security.

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager ensures data distribution protection through minimum and maximum rate caps or limiting availability sent from PMS system or alerting on expired offers.

    The tool offers credit card vault for secure credit card storage, preventing possible security breaches.

    Reports and analyzes – data analysis to make intelligent decisions

    Channel Manager offers advanced analytical functions supporting intelligent decision making regarding rate and availability management.

    Channel Manager offers various types of analyzes and reports. In addition to general reservation summary by channels or rate plans, the user can go even further and make a comparative analysis of reservation increase between any selected dates. Such a report makes it possible to compare data from the previous year, indicating increase or decrease in sales in the current period.

    The system generates daily reports showing too high values of minimum stay, preventing hotels from lack of reservations on selected dates. Daily reports mentioned highlight unsellable dates due to too high minimum stay entered into the system.

    Channel Manager also provides current price, availability, grid level Excel reports, complete reservation import as well as potential distribution errors to be addressed.


    We hope that the analysis of 5 successive functions of the YieldPlanet Channel Manager has broaden your knowledge of the tool focused 100% on maximizing hotel revenues.

    By choosing YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager you get an intelligent solution that allows you to manage your hotel online distribution from one control point, providing real-time data and time saving for your Team.

    For more information about the YieldPlanet Channel Manager and its functions, please contact us or order a free demo version here:

    Let’s meet at FITUR 2020 in Madrid!

    Let’s meet at FITUR 2020 in Madrid!

    Let’s meet at FITUR 2020 in Madrid!

    Are you attending #FITUR 2020, in Madrid?

    Let’s meet at the most important tourism fair in Spain, where technology and specialization will continue to have a prominent role. We will be presenting our Channel Manager and Price Optimizer and to talk about how our solutions can help you take control of online distribution, increase productivity, lower costs and drive revenue and profits.

    See you on January 22-24 at stand 10A12 pavillion 10.

    If you want to book an appointment or you have any questions, click the button below:

    For partners: 


    Occupancy based pricing in

    Occupancy based pricing in

    Occupancy based pricing in

    YieldPlanet as one of the first channel managers has been certified to use’s newly launched Occupancy Based Pricing.
    All properties considering or requesting YieldPlanet as a provider in can now choose between default Standard pricing and newly launched Occupancy based pricing. Choosing best suited pricing model in any OTA is one of the key factors for property’s successful performance and number of reservations in the future.

    In’s Occupancy Based Pricing rates per each occupancy are defined individually and stay fully flexible. Until now property managers could define fixed percentage or value relation between number of adults that can be accommodated within the same room type. With Occupancy Based Pricing there is no need for any fixed rate relation between prices any more. Take triple room for example – from now on you can insert fully independent rates for 1, 2 or 3 adults accommodated within the room. No rate linkeage within is required with newly launched pricing model.

    Switching to occupancy based pricing should be considered by customers working with PMS or price optimizing RMS systems in which occupancy rates can be managed individually.’s Occupancy Based Pricing has been long awaited by the industry as some of its main competitors already supports this feature. New pricing model by can boost hotel revenues and make cooperation with even more beneficial for professionally managed, savvy and revenue oriented properties.


    Do you want to learn more about Occupancy Based Pricing or YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager? Please, contact us and we provide you more explanations and some extra offers:

    Basic features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager I part

    Basic features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager I part

    Basic features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager I part

    Currently, over 15,000 hotel facilities in 60 countries put their trust in YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager as the best solution to meet the needs of professionals in the hotel industry in the field of distribution management.

    With the advanced capabilities of Channel Manager, YieldPlanet is able to offer the user an intuitive and intelligent solution, 100% focused on revenue optimization and addressing contemporary challenges of online distribution and revenue management that hotels face every day.

    Customers who chose our solution can use a versatile tool enabling them to make necessary decisions in the field of management of all hotel channels, helping them increase online sales through both OTAs and direct sales.

    Below are the basic features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager and we explain how its individual functions will help in the more efficient implementation of revenue management strategy and online distribution of your hotel, regardless of its size and location.

    Basic features of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager

    1.Centralized solution – management of all online reservations from one point of control

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager enables centralized management of online reservations from one point of control. The modular structure of the tool allows you to use the functions you need and activate additional features depending on your needs.

    With this unified solution, your hotel gets a unique tool that will allow you to easily monitor online sales, help increase efficiency and reduce the number of errors occurring in day-to-day channel management.

    Channel Manager is adapted to support two-way reservation communication, both for downloading reservations from OTA systems, as well as making reservations available for PMS systems. Reservations made in online reservation systems can be automatically transferred directly to your PMS.

    With our Channel Manager you will be able to save time and easily analyze the data concerning your online reservations. You will get consistent results that will help you quickly improve the online position of your property, increasing your revenue and maximizing benefits.

    2. Data synchronization – easy communication of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager with all your data sources

    Improve your daily work by data synchronization from various sources with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager.

    This function will allow you to synchronize all data of your property with hundreds of OTA and GDS channels, as well as your own website. Responding quickly will not let you miss market opportunities, minimize errors, minimize the risk of overbooking and discrepancies in prices of rooms and packages of your hotel.

    The availability and price management function allows you to set separate price values for each channel or individual channels instead of sending the same data to all distribution channels by default.

    3. Automated tool – price and availability management and transferring the availability to the most popular room types.

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager saves time and work through channel management automation. The hotel, where all processes are automated, generates higher revenues and minimizes overbookings.

    In day-to-day management with the help of the Channel Manager, you will notice that when your rooms are no longer available, YieldPlanet will automatically close availability all channels and notify you by e-mail. This way you can be sure that in day-to-day management you have complete information about the changing availability of your facility.

    As part of the distribution optimization tool, YieldPlanet also offers the option of intelligent distribution based on a flexible approach to the room category. With higher demand for rooms in one category, it is possible to transfer the availability to this category from other room types.

    4. Intelligent Channel Manager – support for complex and flexible distribution strategies

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager is a tool that enables precise and efficient development of complex and flexible distribution strategies, thanks to which you operate quickly in a dynamically changing environment.

    Individual functions of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager will allow you to quickly assess the performance of sales channels connected to your Channel Manager, providing real-time reservation and revenue data.

    The revenue rules function allows you to program actions to be taken in the event of specific increases or decreases in availability. For example, with low availability, you can set a price increase by a specific number or percentage, or close all OTA channels to sell the last rooms only through your own website.

    Monthly performance of your hotel will be much simpler to measure with Channel Manager. YieldPlanet enables immediate access to reservation analysis and revenue generated.. It displays real-time data on the occupancy and the general reservation status, by room type or at a specific, selected date. You can also monitor your offer and competitors’ on OTA search results, in order to get a better picture of your hotel positioning.

    5. Highly flexible tool – adaptable to any type of hotel

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager is the most flexible tool on the market.

    The tool easily adapts to the needs of hotels of all sizes, both small independent properties, as well as large chain hotels. Due to its easy adaptation to individual needs, Channel Manager technology is currently used by over 4,000 customers of various sizes and 15,000 properties in over 60 countries.

    Its functions offer the user the ability to manage channels in the best possible way. For example, price grids allow you to create several dozen different price scenarios and changing rates quickly whenever you want. This is one of the most advanced ways of price management through Channel Manager.

    6. Available and easy to configure tool – quick implementation and setup of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager in your hotel

    Implementation and setup of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager is easy. All hotels receive technical support from the moment they purchase the Channel Manager.

    YieldPlanet implementation department provides support to hotels that use a different provider and secures quick and trouble-free channel manager change. Through online staff training courses and assistance with system setup, the implementation of the channel manager in your hotel can be very quick.

    By choosing YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager you can be sure that you will use an affordable tool for online distribution management. YieldPlanet Channel Manager is a product at a favorable price, available at fixed monthly, quarterly or annual fees payment scheme..

    For more information about YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager and its functions, please contact us by ordering a free demo version here:

    Why are OTA winning the fight for better prices with the hotels themselves? 

    Why are OTA winning the fight for better prices with the hotels themselves? 

    Why are OTA winning the fight for better prices with the hotels themselves? 

    Regaining control over own room pricing in OTA channels is one of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry. While over a decade ago, when Internet sales channels were still in their infancy and cooperation with OTA was a chance to increase occupancy rates and improve profitability, today it is considered a necessity without which it is impossible to operate on the market. Why are hoteliers losing in the fight against industry monopolies, and can this be changed? 

    The dynamic development of online hotel reservations in the early 2000s was initially very much welcomed by hoteliers, as cooperation with the new booking systems brought measurable benefits in the form of additional bookings and higher occupancy rates. However, as it later turned out, the development of OTA quickly deprived them of the possibility to differentiate prices in different channels and thus the freedom to decide about their own business. At that time, no one could clearly see the threats posed by the booking systems, and even if they were considered, the desire to quickly improve and maintain their financial performance was usually paramount. What also mattered was that the market was at a completely different stage of development at that time. It was characterized by relatively low price volatility and easy management of the pool of available rooms, which is why hoteliers willingly agreed to sign contracts with OTA. 

    In their content, practically from the very beginning there appeared more or less sublime clauses concerning rate parity. What restrictions did such provisions impose on hoteliers? The rate parity is basically a legal agreement entered into by a hotel with OTA, which obliges the hotel to maintain rates in the given OTA at a level no higher than those in other sales channels. That provision clearly shows the direction in which OTA had already taken at that time by allowing discounts for its own customers while controlling the offers published by its competitors. Rate parity more or less meant that in order to grant a discount to one of its business partners, the hotel had to grant the same discount to all the other OTA partners at the same time, despite the different levels of commissions charged by the booking systems. In addition, that restriction applied not only to business partners, but also the hotel itself – even in direct sales it was not able to offer rates different from those charged on partner websites.  

    What did this entail for the hotels themselves? First of all, a large loss of control over the business and the outflow of direct customers to OTA, which additionally gained huge market shares after the introduction of their own loyalty programmes. 

    The following years are a further increase in the importance of OTA. 

    The introduction of rate parity significantly reduced the freedom of pricing policy for hotels and reduced the profitability of many businesses, but very quickly new ways of differentiation began to emerge, namely – the lowering of prices by OTA. We are talking about opaque pricing, among others – a practice still popular among US booking systems, such as Priceline. This is one of the types of circumvention of rate parity that allows hotels to sell rooms at a hidden, lower price. The customer who decides to buy first defines their preferences (e.g. location, hotel standard and date of stay) and then selects a specific option based on the price only. The name of the hotel is disclosed only after the payment has been made, and it is no longer possible to change or cancel the booking. This is nothing more than the proverbial buying of a pig in a poke. However, this strategy has some advantages. It allows hotels to sell empty rooms without suffering image and legal damage associated with rate parity. 

    Another enormous development was the emergence of opportunity to create OTA promotions, i.e. to offer more favourable terms to customers who book well in advance (first minute, last minute), or book a stay in the hotel for longer. In addition, free accommodation for booking a certain number of rooms or a certain number of days at a time has become commonplace. Those OTAs which had not developed the possibility of creating extensive promotions began to lose their importance as they could not demand rate parity from hotels without offering at the same the possibility of promotional rates. 

    Loyalty programs for OTA customers began to gain in importance as well, which still enjoy great popularity today and helped OTA to gain hegemony in the market. What is most important in this context is that discounts for regular customers are often covered not by commissions but directly by hotel budgets. OTA managed to convince hoteliers that it is worth investing in loyal customers, as they cancel reservations less frequently and spend more than one-off customers.  

    Of course, this did not stop there – the hoteliers’ pockets were also hit by the bundling of services, i.e. the sale of rooms together with a flight (or other product) at a correspondingly reduced price. Due to the fact that promotions very often combine freely, the already promotional rates are additionally lowered as a result of bundling, making the final price really competitive for the client. Expedia has mastered this type of operations to perfection, thanks to which it is able to offer customers very attractive terms. 

    What’s left of it today? 

    At present we can say that the rate parity is forgotten or is being forgotten at a satisfactory rate, but that does not mean that hotels can again decide their own pricing policy on their own. The discrimination takes place in the algorithms of the OTA search engines – if a hotel does not offer its partner sufficiently competitive rates, it is pushed down to such distant positions in the rank that its finding by potential customers is hindered. Although it is possible to rely on direct bookings and completely renounce cooperation with OTA, such a strategy is extremely difficult to implement. OTA perfectly used the time of its domination over hotels and today they are not only first choice services for travelers, but also have a huge technological advantage (enabling better price differentiation). It also has what is most important – customer loyalty.  

    Hotels and OTA have to cooperate in the process of customer acquisition and service, however, it is OTA that dictate the terms to the hotels today. One thing that helps maintain this state of affairs is loyalty programs. OTA loyalty programs are much more attractive than hotel loyalty programs in the perception of the customer, especially tourist travellers, as tourists do not usually come back to the same place many times, but instead use the same OTA many times. While the programmes of large chains and hotel groups can compete with them, their offer will always be incomparably smaller and often less competitive in terms of price. 

    On platforms such as Airbnb, facility owners may in turn give the opportunity to control their own rates to a booking platform through the Smart Prices program, an algorithm that adjusts prices to current demand. This is perhaps the most glaring case of OTA taking control of the price level and a likely trend in the further development of OTA. 

    In addition, the industry has to contend with constantly decreasing OTA prices, which is made possible by OTA’s recourse to wholesaler rates. As the pressure from hotels to eliminate this phenomenon is not yet high enough, such actions are becoming more and more common. Everything is done in a way that does not give rise to suspicion – the reservation is made via the OTA website, but it is delivered to the hotel by a specific wholesaler. As a result, the customer can enjoy the competitive price provided by OTA, and the hotel earns significantly less on such a reservation than on a standard reservation made on a partner’s website. 

    What’s next? 

    Long years of fighting for market dominance have allowed OTA services to gain today’s position in the industry and customer loyalty, which even the best hotel chains can envy. And although the industry is taking some steps to change this state of affairs at least to some extent, OTA services will certainly not give up the battle without a fight. Already today, they exchange data more and more often, which means that hotels have even less influence on the level of prices in individual channels. Hoteliers also have weapons that OTA services do not have. We are talking about the possibility to offer the customers gifts, SPA tickets, free transfers to/from the airport, offering higher room categories, etc. Is that enough? Certainly not for long, as OTA is already developing the technology of selling additional services, which will surely re-invigorate the market. Not without significance for hotels in the coming months and years will be cooperation with trusted technology partners such as PMS, channel manager or RMS, who will provide OTA with the most up-to-date information on prices and availability in real time and will offer hotels operating in their favor mechanisms of calculating and controlling their own rates. One thing we can be sure of – new innovations on the market. 

    Do you want to learn more about YieldPlanet Channel Manager? Discover how our Channel Manager can help you to manage prices in your hotel?

    Rate management in the peak season with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager

    Rate management in the peak season with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager

    Rate management in the peak season with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager

    Why does YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager help Revenue Managers to reach higher revenues in the peak season

    by Sebastian Andruszczak

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager enables users a simple and organized room price management. Advanced tools make the process completely automatized and the rates and availability of your property are synchronized with all distribution channels, a hotel’s website and the PMS used in a hotel.

    Along with the arrival of the peak season, a team in charge of the revenue management of a hotel must be prepared to sell rooms at the highest possible price in order to increase performance of the property. Channel Manager enables to organize work in advance, thanks to what you can take care of months with a high occupancy rate that are crucial from the point of view of hotel revenues.

    In reality, manual rates management in OTA channels might leave some huge room for human errors or omission. A publication of a rate that is too high or too low can have a negative impact on financial results of your property. Too large rate differences between booking systems or uncompetitive rates on a hotel’s website can lead to disorientation of customers and, as a result, to a lack of trust that translates into reduction of occupancy rate of the property.

    Rates management in the peak season with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager

    One of the most important aspects of proper rates management at the level of Channel Manager is a proper configuration of price policies in the system. Basically, the price management is carried out in the same way throughout a year, in the peak season however, the automation supports an instant reaction and quicker entry of rates changes to the Channel Manager.

    A revenue management department can enter different kinds of rates and restrictions that increase revenues within the periods with a higher expected number of reservations, for example through the use of the stay length strategy.

    According to the art of revenue management, the rates management within the periods of increased demand should be started far in advance. Therefore, we recommend to use the Dynamic Pricing. Efficient revenue management requires numerous forecasts. The work with the Dynamic Pricing requires estimation of an approximative demand level for each day, whether it is the peak season or low season. When you set up the rate for rooms for the next year, it does not mean that these rates should not be changed. On the contrary, you have to assume that you will follow the demand for your services and modify the rates frequently until the day when the date in question becomes the current day.

    In the event when the demand exceeds the supply, the price for hotel services increases, so the ADR increases too. On the other hand, during periods when the demand is weaker, a lower price enables to reach higher occupancy rates. A proper price modification, taking into account or even having influence on the current demand is a key to increase the profitability of the property. YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager supports a fast adjustment of the prices to the market conditions with a proper adjustment of the tool.

    Selected functionalities of YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager for rates management in the peak season

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager offers a series of functionalities making the rates management in the peak season simpler. These are, among others, grids, meaning an option enabling to enter even several dozen defined price strategies corresponding to different market conditions. It is also a possibility to use price formulas automatically converting the basic rate to related rates, as well as a screen for a wholesale prices loading, taking into account a wide range of dates serving for differentiation of prices or availability in different OTA channels.

    Let’s have a closer look at certain functionalities:

    Rates and availability distribution

    The basic task of the Channel Manager is the rates and availability distribution to all channels that are used. The information about the rates and availabilities may originate from the PMS, revenue management systems (RMS), revenue rules configured in the channel manager; they can also be entered to the Channel Manager directly by a user. Its functioning basically consists in the fact that the data saved in the system are immediately sent to all connected channels.

    Minimum stay duration, StopSell and other price restrictions

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager is adapted to receive and forward not only prices and availability, but also to distribute different kinds of restrictions. These restrictions include maximum or minimum duration of the stay, CTA, CTD, Sell/StopSell or an advance reservation parameter. A rule applied in channel manager is the immediate distribution of the data right after their entry or receipt – there is no need for a hotel user to support this process.

    Copying, increasing and decreasing of the rates

    Copying of the rates makes it simpler for a user to fill out new price plans, using prices and restrictions from other, already existing price plans. Besides, it enables copying the restrictions and prices from the current periods to the next year which allows to save a lot of time. Furthermore, the existing rates can be increased or decreased in any way by a specific percentage or amount, without the need to enter them manually from scratch.

    YieldPlanet ‘s Channel Manager provides necessary tools enabling management of hotel rates in the best possible way, but it is also important that revenue management departments monitor the whole process and make conscious, forecast-based decisions that are optimal in terms of revenues. In the framework of preparation for the peak season, it is recommended to review restrictions relating to stay duration, rates and price plans availability, in order to use the acquired experiences in the best possible manner and to increase revenues in next periods.

    Prepare yourself for the peak season and configure your Channel Manager in the most automatized way in order to save time and ensure a better work organization. Contact us to get more details on advantages offered by Channel Manager in the peak season and in the low season.

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    Price management: the key when selecting hotel technology

    Price management: the key when selecting hotel technology

    Price management: the key when selecting hotel technology

    Price management in PMS and Channel Manager: Why is it a key factor when selecting the right solution for your facility while entering 2020 

    by Paweł Rytel

    Effective hotel revenue management is a challenge hotels all over the world are currently trying to meet. It is a given that, as it is in the case of distribution issues, issues with revenue optimization can only be solved by the use of modern IT technologies. They provide fantastic flexibility and nearly completely automate the entire process. But a precondition to achieve this effect is to organise the system infrastructure accordingly.

    It might seem that, from the perspective of a hotel manager, the greatest challenge in today’s world is to tame the multi-channel distribution. While constantly growing online sales translate into occupancy levels, booking incoming from multiple sources, their modifications or cancellations can cause some serious problems to the reception staff. Tackling these challenges without well-integrated and properly suited tools is near to impossible, and most definitely not effective. Bearing in mind the above, many hoteliers invest nowadays into modern IT infrastructure built around a central Property Management System. If well coupled with Channel Manager and Revenue Management System, it facilitates smooth distribution and automates the tasks of the reception staff. While most recent PMSs redefine the sales processes for hotel services and revolutionize the functioning of hotel front desk, they lack extensive modules for hotel revenue management. Importantly, this exact issue is currently considered to be the main challenge and key point of attention in the industry.

    How do hotels optimize their revenue?

    In the recent years, hotel revenue management has become a common subject of discussions and meetings. Various techniques to maximize revenue are being applied by a growing number of hotels – both chains and small, private facilities. Using dynamic rate strategies in today’s reality works for the benefit of a facility. Why is that? Today, using pricing policy that can be seen as disconnected from market reality is more difficult than ever before. In the times of universal access to the internet and constantly growing awareness on the part of the customers, access to the information on rooms prices in multiple facilities at the same time has also become universal. On one hand, high transparency helps in customers’ decision-making, on the other, it dooms hoteliers to failure if they apply pricing policies essentially different to the market tendencies, and not necessarily too high, but often simply too low prices. In the view of the above, room prices can work both as a trigger to hotel’s financial problems and a factor of their competitive advantage resulting in dynamic rise in hotel’s revenue.

    Dynamic pricing strategies, i.e. strategies that forecast the changes to the price in time, based on clashing supply and demand factors and a well-planned budget and revenue segmentation are currently used by vast majority of hoteliers. Yet, it is still not uncommon for facilities to have fixed price lists or follow other competitive facilities. This goes for both independent facilities and small chains. In principle, large and recognized hotel chains apply extensive revenue management strategies and supply-dependant rates. To oversimplify, during periods of higher demand on hotel rooms (summer season, holidays, big events) they apply higher rates and source customers from more affordable sales channels. Here the most luxurious facilities are an exception to the rule, a phenomenon well illustrated by the Veblen effect. In their case higher demand can trigger higher rates, yet hotels of this kind are rare.

    How are dynamic pricing strategies implemented in hotel industry? There are many possible ways and mostly the choice is up to the facility manager. Quantity-based strategy assumes the sales of same-type rooms at rates dependant on occupancy levels in the facility. This means that the first group of rooms is sold at prices different to the later groups. Similar strategies are applied in the aviation industry. Yet, there are many more factors shaping the final price for a room and including them all into the pricing strategy can pose a substantial challenge. The seasonal character of the industry or the growing interest in hotel’s offer in case of mass events taking place in the area or price dependency on the length of stay are some of them. Maximizing hotel revenue is a head-scratcher for hotel-manager due to the discussed reasons, as well as the fact that very often room rates should be updated as often as a few times a day.

    To maximize profit, hoteliers need to base their decisions on accurate forecasts and reach out for advanced and maximally automated tools to effectively manage pricing strategies. When considering whether to implement such a tool, you need to analyze the prospects for your current system infrastructure, in particular, the property management system and central booking systems. Modern PMSs are an everyday work tool in the industry and offer a wide range of advanced functionalities. However, complicated pricing management is normally done by tools such as Channel Manager and Revenue Management System. In truth, it is making the right choice and integrating the systems properly that can truly open your way to success.

    Why should I get YieldPlanet solutions?

    YieldPlanet Channel Manager is an exceptionally fast and flexible tool facilitating smooth online distribution to a few or a few dozens of channels at the same time. This solution helps you to effectively manage rates depending on the number of guests per room, ready-made price lists allowing for an immediate rates update in OTA channels and building complex price plans calculated with the use of set formulas.

    All these features and the option to create as many as a few dozens of price lists and change them freely, make the maximizing of hotel revenue much easier and help automate it to a high degree. The system also allows for unlimited differentiation of rates and allotments sent to OTA channels, which, in turn, enables the testing of independent pricing strategies in individual channels and promoting those that bring you the highest profit.

    To move hotel revenue management to an even higher level, you might want to consider combining your Channel Manager with a Revenue Management System. Particularly vital in the context of varying customer behaviours, who book their rooms with a shorter advance every year, as a result of which hotels receive most bookings just moments before the day “0”. In the light of the above, room pricing should be subject to a systemic solutions.

    The solutions offered by YieldPlant further expand previously discussed functionalities by automated rate management, with regard to many vital factors, such as seasonal character, back data, segments or conferences and all kinds of other events. Another huge advantage is the automated rates and availability management for every channel individually, as well as the option to flexibly groups rooms for sale. All this results in a substantial increase in the likelihood to boost the revenue and better use the potential of the facility.

    Are you looking for a solution that will help you manage your rates? Contact us to learn more about YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager. 

    Are you searching for a specialized tool for revenue management? YieldPlanet’s Price Optimizer will come to help.

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    Meet us at Igeho Basel in November

    Meet us at Igeho Basel in November

    Meet us at Igeho Basel in November

    (German version below)

    YieldPlanet will be present in Hall 1.1 booth C165 at this year’s IGEHO in Basel, Switzerland. Igeho is the most important international exhibition for the hospitality industry in Switzerland, with a unique and wide range of products and services on offer.

    Meet the YieldPlanet team from Switzerland to discuss the latest trends in Revenue and Channel Management and book a demo for our cutting-edge solutions.

    YieldPlanet’s Price Optimizer is our answer to your hotel’s Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management needs. Price Optimizer boosts RevPAR through effective, AI-powered and fully automated Yield Management. All the changes are made in near real time. Intelligent forecasting algorithms provide you with daily updated insights into hotel’s future occupancy and revenue even for 36 months ahead. The forecasting algorithms deliver you the insights you need by breaking the forecast down by your market segment. Any manual override can be done with just one click.

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager is the industry’s most flexible solution to manage online distribution and optimize the prices of your rooms and offers in all your channels. It allows you to easily synchronize data between your property and hundreds of OTAs, GDS’es and your own website. YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager works equally well for Hotels as well as Apartments or Vacation Rentals. This year, we have implemented a few new functionalities. Channel Manager now also supports Airbnb promotions. These include minimum stay deals, advance purchase discounts, last minute offers, as well as seasonal deals. 

    The fair will be held from Saturday, 16 November to Wednesday, 20 November 2019 at Messe Basel, Switzerland. More info at

    Meet us to discuss the opportunities to boost your revenue with our solutions. Claudio Limacher, CEO, and Christian Ruoss, Country Manager Switzerland, will be present during the exhibition and be happy to answer all your questions. You can schedule an appointment with us online here:

    Schedule a meeting with Claudio Limacher

    Schedule a meeting with Christian Ruoss


    YieldPlanet wird in der Halle 1.1 Stand C165 auf der diesjährigen IGEHO in Basel vertreten sein.

    Treffen Sie das YieldPlanet-Team aus der Schweiz, um die neuesten Revenue- und Channel-Management Trends zu diskutieren und eine Demo unserer innovativen Lösungen zu buchen. Wir haben das vergangene Jahr genutzt, um unsere Ideen und Ihre Inputs in eindrucksvolle und verblüffende Funktionen umzusetzen.

    Die weltweit einmalige Verschmelzung von Price Optimizer und Channel Manager bietet eine nie dagewesene Vielfalt von Einstellungen und die individuelle Kontrolle von jedem einzelnen Zimmer auf jedem Kanal.

    Die IGEHO Messe findet von Samstag, 16. November bis Mittwoch, 20. November 2019 in der Messe Basel statt. Mehr Infos unter

    Packen Sie die Möglichkeit im persönlichen Gespräch unsere neuen Lösungen zu entdecken. Claudio Limacher, CEO, und Christian Ruoss, Country Manager Schweiz, werden während der Ausstellung anwesend sein und werden gerne alle Ihre Fragen beantworten. Hier können Sie online einen Termin mit uns vereinbaren:

    Vereinbaren Sie ein Treffen mit Claudio LimacherVereinbaren Sie ein Treffen mit Christian Ruoss

    6 reasons to start using YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager

    6 reasons to start using YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager

    6 reasons to start using YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager

    by Sebastian Andruszczak

    What if changing a Channel Manager could boost your revenue?

    It’s understandable that even the mere idea of switching to a new channel manager can give many Revenue Managers a headache.

    But, as the saying goes: “To stand still is to retreat”. For a Revenue Manager, the decision to continue using a channel manager that no longer responds to hoteliers’ current needs and requirements can prove to be a mistake.

    The process of switching to a new channel manager can initially seem inconvenient, however, it will bring a number of benefits both in shorter and longer run, all of which will translate into higher revenue.

    Before purchasing a new channel manager, take your time to inquire into functions offered by the products available that you are particularly interested in. Select the product that is best suited to your hotel and your current needs in the revenue management area.

    To help you find your perfect Channel Manager, below we have compiled 6 reasons why you should start using YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager and give up the product you use now.

    Reason No 1

    Flexible booking management online from one control point

    Channel Manager by YieldPlanet gives you the insight into all bookings from one control point. This tool will let you manage bookings online from a centralized management point to enhance your productivity, save your time and become more efficient.

    Thanks to the modular structure of the Channel Manager, you can enable and disable certain functions depending on your needs – full and unlimited control.

    Moreover, Channel Manager enables the use of API for two-way communication about bookings, for bookings from OTAs and PMS alike.

    Reason No 2

    Nearly 500 integrations for greater global reach

    YieldPlanet has an infinite amount of two-way integrations for a broad variety of local markets all over the world in real-time to assure trust, visibility and accessibility to our customers in certain regions.

    Channel Manager by YieldPlanet is integrated with nearly 500 channels. We cooperate with OTAs, tour operators, wholesalers, PMS, CRS, GDS, RMS, meta search engines and booking systems. Create personalized integrations with API to access new markets through our Channel Manager.

    We are currently integrated with over 100 Property Management Systems and since 2017 it is possible to share information about a facility from a PMS, as well as receive bookings from the Channel Manager via PMS.

    Reason No 3

    Support in minimizing the risk of overbooking

    This solution enables automatic update of managed channels and dispatch of rate lists. It will effectively protect your hotel and minimize one of the most common issues in the hospitality industry – the risk of overbooking.

    Channel Manager comes with a function of automated overbooking distribution of certain types of rooms to other types of available rooms. It helps maximize sales of a certain type of rooms in the conditions of higher demand.

    Reason No 4

    One click to synchronize all your data with YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager

    YieldPlanet’s Channel Manager allows you to easily synchronize all your facility data with hundreds of OTAs, GDS, and your own booking engine.

    Thanks to this function you can act fast to take full advantage of the opportunities to sell rooms at good rates through minimizing the amount of errors, avoiding overbooking and discrepancy between room types, rates and your hotel’s offers.

    Reason No 5

    PCI and GDPR security standards

    Channel Manager by YieldPlanet is a fully secure tool. It assures complete security of data and information transfer. Our solutions are compliant with PCI and GDPR standards.

    Moreover, Channel Manager is equipped with credit card data protection system (vault), to guarantee that all customers’ confidential data are kept in a manner that prevents all potential security breaches.

    For enhanced security, Channel Manager has a feature to protect maximum and minimum rates on the room or facility level.

    Reason No 6

    Easier intelligent decision making to maximize revenue

    Channel Manager by YieldPlanet is compatible with Price Optimizer – YieldPlanet’s RMS. These systems offer analyses and report of various kinds to help you make intelligent decisions regarding rates and availability management. All reports can be configurated and compared, while they can also be programmed to be sent via email.

    You can also create detailed reports about the basic functions of the systems, or configure a mechanism to capture real availability from the PMS and receive recommendations on rate changes or MinStay.

    Further, the system shares information about the Pick-up and performance (occupancy vs prognosis) on the segment level which can then be exported in xls format. All this to help you make better informed strategic decisions in the area of revenue management.

    If you need more arguments proving that Channel Manager by YieldPlanet is the best solution for revenue management, contact us and our experts will walk you through all features and functions of the most flexible tool in the hospitality industry.

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